By: Charlie Look here and take a hilarious take on things, like Pokémon and Samsung phones! Download Comedy Magazine Here

By: Tisha V. Media: crayons and paper Description: My re-creation of the birthstones for each month

By: Sam M. Media: Ink on paper

By: Sports Team In the regular season, the cubs went 103 -58 causing them to have the best record in baseball.  After the Giants played their wild card game against the Mets (Gillespie scored the winning run) they faced the Cubs and lost the series 3-1.  Just like that, the Cubs were in the NL pennant. […]

By: Kiera K. I sat up groggily and looked around. I was in. . .a forest? No, that didn’t make sense. Yet. . . it was true: I was in a tiny clearing.    “Why am I in this clearing?” I wondered.     I tried to remember the last place I had been, but despite my struggles, […]

By: Varsha V. I first figured out that Life’s a fight The moment I stepped Into this world The moment I saw people being Tormented Terrorized Tortured Because of how they look The number that the measuring tape reveals when it’s pulled around your waist The layers of cosmetics applied onto your face To look […]