Sports: Cubs Win World Series

By: Sports Team

In the regular season, the cubs went 103 -58 causing them to have the best record in baseball.  After the Giants played their wild card game against the Mets (Gillespie scored the winning run) they faced the Cubs and lost the series 3-1.  Just like that, the Cubs were in the NL pennant.

A lot of fans thought that after all those years (71) the cubs could make it too the World Series. They started off too a great start winning their first game at home with Javier Baez stealing home off a great play. Then they lost 2 in a row and then they made the series in the favor of the Dodgers and a lot of people thought that the Cubs were going to mess everything up because how they were playing.  However, they crushed them in game four and won game five.  They made history after 71 years; they finally made it to the World Series!  They didn’t forget that there is still a record to break. They had to win it all!

In the opening game, they were looking to get the lead, but leading pitching, Kluber, shut them out for a surprise 6-0 loss for the Cubs. Most people wondered, will it be another upset? They won game 2 to tie the series. Then the Indians barely beat the Cubs one to zero. The Cubs need 3 wins to make it possible for a World Series championship. The Cubs won the next game 2-3 and the next cruising 9-2. They have to win this one and they do! It’s 5-1 Chicago and people think they are going to win and they pull Hendricks early and Lester does terrible on 1 play and gives up 2 runs! In the end, the Cubs pulled it off and broke the curse.  The Cubs are World Series Champions!