Poem: Nothing But Words

By: Varsha V.

I first figured out that

Life’s a fight

The moment I stepped

Into this world

The moment I saw people being




Because of how they look

The number that the measuring tape reveals when it’s pulled around your waist

The layers of cosmetics applied onto your face

To look

Skinny and stunning

The magic words that have changed us since kindergarten

We think we have to squeeze ourselves

Into those standards,

Be what everyone expects out of us but

Who created those expectations?

We’ve hit rock bottom at the pool of originality.


Ugly. fat. hideous.

Where did these words come from?

Who forged negativity into them,

Those words that cause thousands of tears everyday.

We need to know that what seem to be our weaknesses are our greatest strengths

Stop pointing out the flaws

And embrace the beauty.

You glow with something that

no amount of miracle cream can give you.

Forget the mirror.

There’s no better you than who you are

And don’t let the bars of conjecture subdue you


Skinny stunning

Stunning and skinny
Are nothing but words