Technology: Earbud Struggles

By: Shreya S.

Have you ever been annoyed by your tangled earbuds? Don’t they just seem to be a constant problem?

A large percentage of the population in the current age use earbuds for daily use (about 50% according to, if it’s for listening to music or watching a movie. A common problem among earbuds is that they can get tangled, preventing the ideal listening experience. Luckily, digital marketers are already trying to produce new technology to prevent tangled earbuds. However, many are still uninformed about the new products in stores.

One of the top leading items on the market are the Zipbud earphones. These earbuds use simple yet effective features. The cable consists of a zipper that can zip and unzip, allowing for minimal tangles and also includes military-grade fibers. This allows for lasting durability.  The brand offers a wide variation of the earbuds as well. These items include noise canceling($23.95), sport earbuds ($49.95), juiced (least price of $19.95). However, the popular version is juiced, since this certain version is the cheapest yet still is able to produce a high quality sound. The main con of the juiced earbud is that if not taken care of properly, will easily break.

A more affordable solution is the many type of earbud holders. This includes the Funkyfonic Retractable earbuds. The Funkyfonic is a more affordable case approximately $10.99, to hold your earbuds, although it may look bulky it will performs it’s job well. The hard outer side of the case makes it more durable and easy to hold onto. It can easily fit into your pocket with the clip included in this product.

Another product is the Jeddis – iphone case for headphones. This case is capable of holding the earbuds inside of the actual case. From there, you are able to remove the earbuds for convenient use. It’s sleek design also allows for a stylish phone case as well.

In the end, I think that the end of tangled earbuds is close to a permanent solution.