Technology: The Problem With Beats

By The Audiophile

Beats. Everyone’s favorite brand. They cost upwards of $200, but they are made of one of the cheapest materials possible, plastic. The headphones’ built-in audio settings pump up the bass so high that they overpower the mids and highs that you can really appreciate with a pair of nice Sennheisers, V-Modas, Bose, or even a pair of Sonys.

Another reason why having the bass cranked up too high is that is can tear the drivers, the bits of metal and magnets that create the sound. The headphones give a sense of quality by adding metal to parts that might as well be plastic. Metal increases a sense of quality because it feels heavier, and it is usually a more expensive material when compared to the plastics that headphones are made of. Another problem with Beats is that they will put pressure on your eardrums from the high bass, which causes the listener great discomfort.

On the other hand, you could spend the money that you were going to spend on beats on a nicer pair of high-quality headphones like Bose or V-Moda. They’re usually packed with features like active noise cancellation and/or great sound quality. V-Moda has been dubbed “The Beats Killer”. Another great brand that offers high-quality audio products is Bose. Their headphones have a great sound range, and they even make very nice speakers. Finally, a more budget option with very good sound is the pair of headphones that look like they would be from on an airplane. They are called JVC Flats. While they don’t look the best, they have very good sound for the $12 that they cost.

If you’re looking for a nice pair of earbuds, it would be a good idea to get the Blue Ever Blue 328R in ear headphones. These cost $35 on, and have very good sound quality. The difference between these and a normal pair of earbuds is that these use the HDSS (High Definition Sound Standard), with ETL technology. It prevents pressure buildup in the earbud due to heat, which distorts the sound. This makes the sound crisper and clearer.

Beats might be mainstream but mainstream isn’t always the best solution. Picking up a pair of Boses or V-modas will increase quality and give you extra features. Never settle for less, don’t get Beats.