Short Story: Oblivion – Jay

Oblivion is a collection of stories co-written and edited by the Literature Team

Part 3: JAY

By Faith W. & Eric Z.


“Phyllis? Are you there?” Jay Rodriguez called out into the house. The shuffling of footsteps from the kitchen grew louder and louder, and the door opened to reveal a woman with a beaming smile enveloping her face, wearing an apron over a traditional Mexican dress.

“Hijo! How was school?” The woman said as she dusted her hands on her apron.

“Ah, the usual, nothing interesting.” Jay responded as he dropped his heavy backpack on the ground with a resounding clunk.

Phyllis had known the Rodriguez household ever since they moved into the neighborhood a couple years ago. Before Jay could care for himself alone, Phyllis had offered to care for him when his parents weren’t home. Over time, mother-son love developed between the two, and Jay had grown fond of her like you would a relative.

“I got some fresh mushrooms–They’re pesticide free, non-GMO, additive free, low fat, USDA approved, and grown by local farmers! They were a gift from a local farmer whom I buy from often. They were at my door this morning when I went for a walk, which was strange since they never deliver, even when I call them and ask for a special delivery… Anyway, how was your day Jay?”

Jay was used to Phyllis’s spontaneous rambling and let her go on. “It was fine,” he replied.

“Really? Well that’s great! Do you know what’s not great? Your hair—It’s overgrown and looks like my mushrooms. I can fix that for you easily, I learned this trick from a friend. Do you want me to try it on you? I haven’t exactly honed my hairdressing skills, but it’ll look great on you–you are so handsome no matter what!”

As Phyllis rambled off, Jay’s attention slowly shifted from Phyllis’s chatter to his plans for the rest of the day.