Short Story: Oblivion – Simon

Oblivion is a collection of stories co-written and edited by the Literature Team


Part 1: SIMON

By Varsha V.


The echo of his footsteps rang through the empty hallway.

He sighed as he steadily walked up the stairs, two at a time. The school was mostly deserted in the morning, but Simon enjoyed that. He wasn’t one to be a crowd lover.

The double doors creaked as he pushed them open, revealing the school’s library and the elderly woman sitting at the back desk.

“Good morning, Mrs. Merriwether, I’m back.”

“Oh, hello, Simon. Back already? Did you finish that book you picked up?”

“Yeah, I couldn’t put it down. Got anything else for me?”

“Why don’t you check this one out?” She said, holding out a book, which could be no less than 4 inches thick with a dark, navy blue cover.

He smiled, glanced at the back and checked it out, not questioning the choice, knowing Mrs. Merriwether had great taste in books.

“Is it okay to ask what the book is about?”

“Hm….well, it’s one of those books where if I tell you what it’s about, I will most likely spoil the entire story, so why don’t you just read it and enjoy.”

Simon let out a hearty laugh. “Okay then. I better get started.”
With final goodbyes, Simon briskly walked out, almost at a jogging pace, as the morning bell rang and school began.