Short Story: Oblivion – Vivianne

Oblivion is a collection of stories co-written and edited by the Literature Team



By Clare H.

“Why is it that when I need to get home, it’s always pitch black and I can’t see any more than ten feet in front of me?”

I heard Em laugh over the phone. “How unlucky you can get is the real question here, Vivianne.”

I sighed, and held my phone out in front me, watching the bluish glow pierce the darkness. “Honestly, I have no clue. Anyway, how’s golf?”

“It’s been pretty good, I guess. I won first place in that tournament about two weeks ago, but it was a smaller competition. Are you almost home?”

I seemed to be in some sort of alley; the streets were unpaved, and there were trash bins and some haphazardly placed electrical lines. A little light filtered through the various buildings, and I could hear the sound of cars rushing on the highway.

“I think I’m really close to the highway. That means I’m sort of close to the apartment.”

Emily sighed. “About time. Are you still sure that you don’t need my parents to come pick you up? I mean, they’re pretty close…”

I smiled. Emily, considerate as always. “No, I’m fine. My apartment is only so far anyway.”

“Okay, but be careful…I guess I’ll talk to you just to make sure get there.”

“Aw, I love you too!”
Emily groaned at my comment.