First Gear

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BMW is finally bringing back the massive coupé that bears the 8-series badge. From what I (read as: the internet) know, it looks like a giant 2 series and comes with 2 engines. They are the 3.0L turbocharged inline 6, and the 4.4L twin turbo V8, called the 840i and 850i respectively. A 600+ horsepower v12 M8 that will be similar to the m6 is a possibility.

Remember the Dodge Charger Hellcat? You should. It was one of the cheapest ways to get more horsepower and torque than a Ferrari 458 Italian for a quarter of the price, all while being able to seat 5 people. Well, now that engine can go off of a track. In fact, it’s able to go off the road. Except on purpose this time. The dawn of the Jeep Cherokee Trackhawk, now with 707hp and 645lb/ft of torque sent to all four wheels. This monster can seat 7 people and go from 0-60 in a claimed 3.5 seconds. It starts at 86,000 dollars, which is a fair bit more than the Dodges. And it gets expensive too. 5 options including: red paint, better stereo, and leather seats instead of performance seats brought the price up to 96,000 dollars. It caps out around 107 grand. However, it is definitely worth thinking about.

One thing before we leave. The Aston Matrin Valkyrie is street legal and has a 1000 horsepower v8 and a set of electric motors that produce around 130 horsepower. That means it is another hypercar that is all sold out before it even gets revealed as a concept.