First Gear

Sam Sweet
Mazda’s new engine
Devel 16
A new gtr
Zr1 leak

First off, Mazda has developed the gasoline compression ignition engine, something people have tried to do for decades. It uses spark plugs to control the ignition. It injects fuel similar to a diesel engine, but uses gasoline so it’s cleaner for the environment. It also has a 10% torque boost, and 30% better fuel economy. Hopefully we will see this in 2020 models, which means production will start possibly in late 2018.

Second: the most outrageous hypercar ever. The Devel Sixteen has a 12.3 liter quad-turbo 16 cylinder engine that produces 5007!!! horsepower and 3500 lb-ft of torque on race gas. The street mode makes a similarly insane 3002 horses, and 2407 lb-ft of torque. The engine is similar to 2 Chevy small block v8 joined at the crank, but most of the parts are one-offs. If the engine manages not to blow up, it will supposedly do 350 mph and 0-60 in 1.8 seconds. Also, it is funded by some people from Dubai. Of course it is. Originally thought to be fake, this car takes performance to a new level.

Nissan created a new cheaper GT-R with the same engine as the premium trim for less than six figures. It doesn’t have the BOSE sound system or titanium exhaust, but those aren’t necessary.

A leaked Car and Driver cover showed the new corvette zr1. 750 horsepower, Chevrolet equivalent to the viper, enough said.