Opinion: The LGBTQ Community is Wrongfully Attacked

The one who accepts all for who they are – Hatred Reversal News
Published on October 11, 2017

L. G. B. T. Q? Across America, people have been gradually exposed to the LGBTQ spectrum and some have affirmed it, while others are highly critical of it. Those who are critical usually either cite religion or that being a part of it is “abnormal”. This leads to hate and violence against LGBTQ citizens, and an astounding rate of suicide among them.

The people who hate the LGBTQ community because of a religious ideal need to come to their senses and realize that their argument is highly hypocritical. They say that marriage equality is unconstitutional because it forces people with certain religious beliefs to comply with the wishes of “the gays”, as they often say. However, not allowing protection of marriage equality would cause the Bill of Rights to roll over in its place in the Rotunda of the National Archives Building. Not allowing marriage equality would force people to comply with religious belief shared by many major religions that homosexuality is a sin. Furthermore, they are indirectly broadcasting a message of “Because people of my religion believe that being anything on the LGBTQ spectrum is abhorrent, all of you other citizens must follow this belief.” The American people, especially the disenfranchised minority groups, deserve the right to chart their own path in life and should not be bullied by religion.

Everyone who believes that LGBTQ people are abnormal is overwhelmingly prejudiced, because there is no normal. Normality has been used to attack everyone who does not fit into the small hole of behavior that is how everyone is supposed to behave in society. They openly disclose that in their mind, “It’s not traditional to be gay”, and are shackling every gay, lesbian, and bisexual person alive to their strict idea of tradition. In case they haven’t noticed, hate in politics has been a tradition for as long as politics has existed, and nobody justifies hate. Nobody is able to, yet it still exists in shocking amounts. The idea of LGBTQ people being abnormal, that a group of people is abnormal for who they are falls into this category of hatred, and it is what everyone in the United States should try to eradicate. Belief that others are abnormal at every level is never excused from qualifying as hatred.

All people in the United States, and the whole world, have a duty of standing up to hatred. This means that despite their beliefs, they have a responsibility to stand with LGBTQ citizens. We have improved vastly across the centuries, but there is still more work to do. Everyone can help. If there ever was a time for it to be necessary, that is now.


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