First Gear

by: Sam Sweet

Everything for 2018!

New: Muscle cars, trucks, sports cars, crossovers and SUVs

Driverless Bolt

The Mustang and the Camaro have always been muscle cars, but the Dodge hellcat is better in a line than both of them. Yes, the ZL1 1LE and GT350R are track monsters, but that isn’t what a muscle car means. However, that

changes now. The new GT500 is confirmed by Ford to have 700+ horsepower. And Chevrolet isn’t far behind. Spy shots reveal a Camaro with new, larger, brakes. Rumors of a Z/28 may prove true. Ford has also announced a new Mustang Bullitt to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the original film.

The new Audi A5 lineup added many things. But it got rid of the kingpin, the RS5. And for 2019, it returns with a twin turbo V6 and ceramic brakes.

Many new trucks are available soon, including the updated Silverado, the new Ranger, a new Ram 1500 luxury trim, a revamped version of the ancient Nissan Frontier, and TRD versions of the Tundra and Tacoma. Over in Europe, Renault made a pickup truck! Grand Tour host Jeremy Clarkson quotes it won’t work because, “The Americans don’t want a Renault, and the French don’t want a pickup truck.” Chevrolet is making a medium duty 4500/5500HD soon.

The classic G-class Mercedes has a new generation out, and to no one’s surprise it looks virtually identical to the old one. To celebrate, they fossilized an older model in synthetic resin.

Subaru has made a new 3 row crossover after the failure with the Tribeca.

On a final note, Chevrolet tested an autonomous Bolt without any steering wheel or pedals.

That’s all for now.