Opinion: Ignorance is a Choice That Devastates Others

by: Brady Rivkin

Imagine going through every second of life paranoid about being an outcast. Every move made seems to be silently condemned by your peers and you have no way of stopping the onslaught of cryptic criticism. Years upon years of this life tear at the spirit, forcing it to build a resistance with whatever it can, and it refuses to go toward normality. At the root of this complication that causes internal conflicts and social insecurity for many people is our society’s behavior. So that this complication is stopped in its tracks, the insults, bullying, and power abuse that pervade our world must become minimal. However, it is incredibly difficult to stamp out every small insult or instance of bullying because the people who act in such a horrendous way will have an alternate perception of their actions.
One of the times I witnessed this was when I was told to speak in words like a real person, implying that I am not a real person or that even though I am one, I’m not worthy of being that. The person who said it to me had a different perception, and simply wanted me to speak in words. To her, it seemed abnormal that I would not use the standard form of human communication, but I have a reason for doing so. I do not use words when no words can describe how I’m feeling. Nobody chose to understand this, and because people can be so ignorant, they stand in the way of the progress that could be made to stop the under-the-radar bullying. In order to minimize the atrocious behavior that plagues our society, we must ensure that people understand whose right it is to choose how they want to be in life. Ignorance must go!