The Color of the Century

by: Alexis Park

          There’s a color for practically every generation. The future is white. The past is black. What color is now? Red. Orange. Yellow. Green. Blue. Pink. Purple. Which one? Is the present violent or calm? Neat or messy?

      Red would represent bloodshed, but also is a symbol of bravery and perseverance. It shows courage and is a eye catching color, mainly because our brains are quick to censor the color of blood.

      Orange and yellow are like the sun, however, in pale colors they are dainty. But when they join red, they become the hot colors, opposite of the cool, and shows heat.

      The present is technology based, but green can be a reminder that there is still natural beauty- nature. Green, lush, fields and bright forest thickets brighten up our day, minus the mosquitoes. Hmm. Nature and wildlife. Is it really the color of the present we live in? These days, we don’t take care of nature.

      Did you know that about 71% of the world is water? That brings us into blue. When you gaze at the color you’ll think about starry skies and the sea. It’s the opposite of anger. Blue sparks your creativity and makes you calm. This color is a great favorite of many people.

      OMG! Grl pwr! Pink and purple? It totally shows your support for feminism! However, 50.4 percent of the world are boys and they might not support those colors, especially the macho ones or any goths. Some girls may love this color, but out of sympathy for the male half, we should put these colors aside for a decade or two.

       So really, what should be the color of the century? Blue? Orange? Huh. But remember, all these colors are beautiful-no matter what we choose or what they represent. TYL!