Violent but Victorious, The story of Catalonia

by Srikar Vegesna

January 17, 2018

Reasons for Independence

    On October 1st in 2017 the Catalonian Parliament sent a referendum to Madrid which was rejected and was described as illegal. The referendum explained why they wanted to split away and asked Spain to recognize Catalonia as an independent country. The people of Catalonia want to split away because their region was significantly different than the rest of Spain and it seemed more productive if Catalonia were its own country. However, the Spanish Constitution declares that splitting away from the country would be illegal. Thus creating riots. Police were placed in Catalonia and attacked anybody who came to polling stations. They also fired rubber bullets into crowds of voters or protesters and beat up the violent.

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Diverse Catalonia

Catalonia is fairly different from the rest of Spain as it has a different culture and even a different language. Spain is afraid that the Catalonian uprising will influence other provinces to do as the same. This is why the Spanish Government strongly opposes it. Some people say that Catalonia can survive on its own because it has it own government and language, however others believe that Catalonia will not survive on its own and must follow the Constitution. Protests were held everywhere from Barcelona to Tarragona.

Finally, independence arrived when Catalan parliament voted for independence. Now the region became a sovereign country.