By Dhruv, Autumn, Vishal, and Yusuf


    Recently in Daniel Wright, we have participated in ALICE training, which is an acronym for alert, lockdown, inform, counter, and evacuate. Even though some aspects can be more needed than others, they are all very important and should be taken care of immediately after we find out that there is a dangerous person in our school. The whole population Daniel Wright did a great job, but we could improve on being more aware of our surroundings and ways of how to get in and out of school without making lots of loud noises. When we interviewed Mr. Herion, he said,  “I think that we did an amazing job on the training, and every class that could leave left the school.” Even the classrooms that couldn’t get out did a great job barricading the doors and windows. If the classroom you’re in leaves no alternative choice to get out, then barricade and get ready to counter. The goal of this is to stay safe, evacuate if possible, and prepare for the worst. Stay safe Daniel Wright!

Background Info

A.L.I.C.E, created by Greg Crane (a safety and active shooter specialist in the nation), was inspired by the Columbine high school shooting. Even though this is new to us, this amazing organization has been around for a couple years. Just like our school, many other schools are incorporating this acronym to ensure safety in their schools. You might be wondering, why do we have to do all of this? Well, think about some schools in our nation. They struggle with shootings every day, so we should always be prepared and ready. If you have any trouble with talking about this sensitive subject, just talk with a trusted adult, (Social worker, principals, office staff, any science, math, social studies, or ELA teachers, etc). Also, the “Need an Ally” program by our own Daniel Wright can help you in tough situations. Remember, you are lucky to have this wonderful safety plan, so use it to your advantage when we are in troubling school situations.