Custodian Appreciation Day

By:Yusuf, Vishal, Autumn, Dhruv


You probably know the custodians by now and all that they’ve done for our school. The two of many custodians names are Eddy and Brett. You might be thinking, what do the custodians even do in this school? When we talked with Brett, we first asked Brett what he enjoyed most about being a custodian. He said “I’ve always got something to do, there’s always work, the day goes by fast”. When Eddy was questioned of what he disliked liked the most about being a custodian, he exclaimed, “I prefer not to clean up vomit and coffee. Sometimes the bathrooms get messy, and we have to clean them up.” Finally, they have been fixing lockers from the beginning of school till now, which probably feels like ages for them. Their arms ache in pain everyday, but they are so strong to deal with it. Together they believe it is hard work, but Eddy and Brett said they would do anything to help our precious school.

If you ever see one of Daniel Wright’s custodians in the hallway, you should say “hi!”, smile, or complement them. The next time you see a piece of paper on the floor, pick it up and think/know that the custodians work hard every day to clean up our school so we can have a good learning experience.These are just two of the amazing custodians in our school, so you can ask them questions yourself.  As you can see we have lots to appreciate for our custodians. They also appreciate us and our jobs too. So please, next time you go to an academic class and leave a paper behind, remember that, the custodians have to clean it up, and they stay late everyday just to clean up the whole entire school and its parts like the gym, CAPE hallways, 6th grade hallway, and many more parts. We should acknowledge and give credit to what our custodians do. Happy Custodian Day everyone, and stay clean Daniel Wright.