Free food is good

by Ashlyn, Mia, and Ruina

6th grade

Hey, 6th graders! Do you have friends who go to FCS? Or maybe you have been there already. That would mean you have met Mrs.Kodros, which is great. If you have not been to FCS and do not know who Mrs.Kodros is, that is ok too. So, to give you a quick introduction, Mrs.Kodros is the FCS teacher for Daniel Wright.

So first, we will start with sewing. You will be making animal earbud cases. If you have a pair of headphones and can not find a place to put them, you will be looking forward to this one.

Mrs.Kodros does not only teach sewing in FCS. She teaches cooking too. (The edible kind.) You will be making a dish that you probably know. Mac and Cheese. You can skip lunch after you eat this one. (Try not to do that. It will not please your stomach…) The next one sounds good and tasty. Berry apple crumble! If you are up for dessert, you would like this one.


(The berry apple crumble)

7th grade

7th grade half way through Daniel Wright’s dynasty? Perfect time for learning, sewing skills, and cooking! The theme for 7th grade this year is soups! Pasta seems good. Minestrone is a great soup if you have a italian taste! If like you like exotic food broccoli cheddar soup, and coconut carrot soup is just for you! Chili Roasted Red Pepper soup is the best ever! If you would like a side for grilled cheese tomato soup is the perfect match.  

7th grade sewing is making some really cool things too! This year 7th grade is making aprons. The cool part of it is that you can use it for baking and not get your clothes dirty! 7th grade is a exciting year!

tomato soup.png

Tomato soup

8th Grade

Do you like sewing? Cooking? Well, 8th graders, I am here to tell you the new food projects you are going to do! I interviewed the lovely Mrs.Kodros. I want to start off with the food(the best part). Anyways, you will be making side dishes from all around the world. If you are Greek, you will be excited about this one. You will making Spanakopita (Spinach Pie). Yumm. If you like something crunchy then you will love the next one. Thai Spring Rolls. Have you eaten them before, you will know that they are so delicious. Creamy Mash Caesar Salad! Do you know where that is from? Have you ever tried Chorizo Baked Chickpeas? It sounds really, really good.

Do you ever go sleep and not like what you are wearing? Well in sewing, you can make your own PJ pants. You will be able to fulfill the dream of having fashionable and comfy pants for sleep. I can’t wait for the projects! What about you?


Chorizo Baked Chickpeas