Student Council

By: Autumn, Yusuf, Dhruv, and Vishal


  The Student council is a great club to meet other friendly kids in our school! The teacher in charge of this club is Ms. Buffa. Our interview with her was all about the interesting and fun activities that YOU can do if you join. As Ms. Buffa stated, “We do a lot of charity events with Feed My Starving Children and Bernie’s Book Bank.”

  Also, she said, “We also raise money for families that can’t afford to buy presents during the holiday times of the year, so the participants of the students council go on a shopping spree for gifts that we give to the families that need them.” Student council also holds many fun celebrations and festivals. An event by student council is the “empty bowls” project. Student council will paint decorative pottery bowls, and then, they will fill them up with many different types of candy, and sell them for one dollar, or so, each at parent teacher conferences throughout the school year. All of the money that the pottery bowls of candy have raised will go to charity, such as, again, Feed My Starving Children and Bernie’s Book Bank. Mrs. Buffa said that, “Because I teach orchestra, I can’t always interact with the other students of Daniel Wright.” Also, Mrs. Buffa stated, “You can make more friends, and can be a leader of the school.” Student council is a great way of meeting others from this school, and you can be a leader. According to Mrs. Buffa, she says that in about two weeks, there is a celebration called lighted schoolhouse. This takes place twice a school year, once on November 2nd and another in April. This takes place because student council wants to raise money for the poorer families. At the Lighted Schoolhouse festival, there is also a DJ, games in the gym, candy, dancing, pizza, pop, and many more fun activities to play and enjoy! Sixth through eighth grade students are all allowed to participate in the lighted schoolhouse event. Make sure to sign up on Revtrak by October twenty-ninth at eleven pm. Keep in mind, late registrations will not be accepted, so sign up soon!