Art Club

By: Ritaja and Ruina

Do you like drawing? Painting? Using clay? If you like any if those, then you should join the art club. There are no planned projects for you to do. Nor are there any materials that you are required to use. All the 7th and 8th graders can join. Everyone does their own projects. After interviewing Mrs. Gettleman (who is the host of art club and the art teacher), we found out that the thing that she enjoyed most about teaching art club is seeing all the creativity of all the art club members. She can be inspired by them, and she loves to see their passion for art. We also asked her why she would encourage people to join art club, if she would encourage people to join. She replied that she would because it is fun, that she thinks that art is awesome, and that it is a great place to explore interests and expand skills. Her favorite thing to see students work with are paintings and drawings, specifically portraits. To many people, portraits are considered very difficult. The reason is that the details are too precise, and you have to make it close to perfection, while also keeping the drawing or painting realistic. She thinks that it is refreshing to see students confident enough to try to draw something most people believe is hard. Not only that, but they can succeed with her help. Also, some students decide to take it one step further by shading and highlighting. It adds depth to the drawing, making the piece of art have more meaning to it. Her favorite material to work with is acrylic paint. That is because they use it in art classes, and some people decide to take it a few steps further. She would love to see people get better at painting, because that would show her that Art club really is helping the members improve their skills. The last question we asked her was if she was planning on doing any charity projects. She had not done any yet, but she replied that she would think about it. For those of you who want to join, Art club normally meets on Wednesday in room 127.