Black Holes: Introduction

By Smaran

Black holes, a bundle of information that no one can read. They shatter what was regular physics and create a whole new dimension. What is a black hole? Black holes are naturally formed when the largest stars, those with more than 20 times the mass of the Sun, collapse violently and explode. Here the density of matter is so high, the escape velocity exceeds the speed of light.

Think of it this way, space is a blanket held taut and the objects in space make divots in it depending on the mass of the object. The larger the object’s mass, the bigger the divot. A black hole makes a divot so deep that the speed that you need to escape the black holes is faster than the speed of light, which the speed of light itself is impossible (speed of light: 299,792,458 m/s).

Scientists can find black holes by seeing warped light. Around a black hole, light is warped because of the black hole’s gravitational pull, which is kind of obvious. Also, when they pass between you and another object you can see the space distortion and a red aura if the black hole is eating something. They even give of the radiation in the ultraviolet spectrum. But the most noticeable act of a black hole is when the overload and spit out lots of energy that can strip planets and maybe even whole solar systems of their life and each of their planet’s atmosphere.

If you are scared about black holes and think that no one will ever remember you if you’ve sucked into one, don’t worry because your image will always be on the surface/ event horizon of the black hole and everyone who is unfortunate enough to come that close to a black hole will see it thanks to the magic of time dilation. If you think that your image will fade away then don’t because through the magic of time dilation your image will stay there and just redden one tint per eternity for the low low price of you dying to a black hole. The only thing you should fear from a black hole is the agonizing pain of your body stretching as it gets stretched until it is one atom thin, but it all happens in a flash for you but the viewer never sees it happen through the magic of time dilation for the low low price of you dying to a black hole.