Chatting with Boys Basketball

Alexis, Mia, and Ashlyn

Here are Daniel Wright we have boys basketball! The boys are split on the A and B team and most of the them have been playing from a young age. Basketball is known as a sport that teaches defensive and offensive skills in a game, and the boys on the team and their coaches maintain a good relationship with each other, which is a important, valued skill.

Player’s Interview: Parker Lewis, Nikhil Uchil, Sivank Yagamurthy, Jonathan Rabin

Q: Describe your teammates in one word.

A: Trustworthy.

Q: What’s your favorite drill?

 A: My favorite drill are Miken drills.

Q: How long have you been playing basketball?

A: I’ve been playing since kindergarten.

Q: What other sports do you play other than basketball?

A: I like to play tennis, football, and I like to swim.

Q: What do you like about basketball?

 A: Basketball is super competitive

Q: What are your favorite basketball team?

 A: The Bulls are my favorite basketball team.

Q: What is a essential in this sport?

A: A essential in this sport is handling the ball.

Q: Describe your coach.

A:  Our coach is a great defensive coach!

Coach’s Interview

Q: What is one of your favorite sports other than basketball?

A: Football is a good sport other than basketball. (Hafner, B team)

Q: Why do you like coaching the basketball team?

A: Basketball gives the opportunity to work with students in a different setting of athletics. (Hafner, B team)

Q: What is your favorite part of coaching basketball?

A: Basketball is truly a team sport and uses team effort. I appreciate that it takes all players doing their job to help the team succeed. (Mr. Jerzyk, A team)

Q: Describe a good basketball drill.

A: A quality basketball drill gets all players moving and involved in game situations in game speed! (Mr. Jerzyk, A team)

Q: How does basketball affect the community?

A: Basketball or any other sport at DW can bring communities together in a positive way. Sport and competition brings school spirit and pride to the community. It’s always great to see fans in the stands cheering on our programs in a positive way. (Mr. Jerzyk, A team)

Q: Why is basketball important?

A: It really helps athletes develop physically and mentally. Basketball forces athletes to use multiple skill related fitness components like thinking ahead and strategizing. (Mr. Jerzyk, A team)

Q: Describe the boys on your team with one word.

A: Energetic (Mr. Jerzyk, A team)

Q: What is the most rewarding part of being a coach?

A: Experiencing the feeling of success. (Hafner, B team)

Q: How many games are there per season?

A: 11 games per season. (Hafner, Bteam)

Boys Roster
Chandramouli, Madhur
Daube, Jayden
De Guzman, Jacob
Dolenga, Joey
Fell, Brayden
Garlapati, Avi
Gordon, Mathew
Huelsman, Alex
Kravets, Ethan
Lewis, Parker
Lodd, Ronit
Odongo, Kian
Pak, Sam
Rabin, Jonathan
Sahoo, Devdutta
Shah, Sparsh
Tao, Yuito
Uchil, Nikhil
Yagnamurthy, Sivank
Wright, Camden
Vedantha, Devesh