Chess Club

By Seanchess

DW students, make sure to check out the Chess Club! I joined the chess club in 6th grade and it was one of my favorite clubs of the school because I made some new acquaintances and found the game quite entertaining. Chess is one of the most intricate games that is very entertaining and interesting. You get to play against you fellow classmates and learn different tricks and tips to win. One strategy I learned is to advance only one or two pawns in the chess opening, just enough to stake out the center and develop the pieces quickly. Mr. Steffens the teacher of chess club is funny and intellectual. All grades are allowed to do chess club. If you are interested, you better hurry up because only the first 30 people are allowed! It doesn’t matter if you are a national champ, or just a fellow that wants to learn the game, join chess club! There are no tryouts to join and you meet on every Thursday starting on November 29. Admission fee is $25 per student. Tell your parents about chess club, and have them sign you up!