Mrs. Buchweitz


by: Autumn, Yusuf, Dhruv, Vishal

Did you know? Mrs. Buchweitz works for the cubs! She is the cheerleading coach at D.W. She claims in an interview, “I was always a big fan of the cubs since I was little, and I decided to try out for the job, and was so surprised and happy when I got it!” Mrs. Buchweitz not only manages the famous baseball team, but also, she watches many games during the season. She has worked with the cubs for almost thirteen years, and she enjoys very much to work with this baseball team as a supervisor. Some would think watching twelve games in a whole lifetime is a overload of baseball, but Mrs. Buchweitz watches at least seventy six games per year! Also, she has a special World Series ring! When the Cubs baseball team won the World Series in 2016, every worker got a ring. Each were specially prepared for them, with their last names engraved on the side. Mrs. Buchweitz’s has gems and jewels on hers and she believes it is priceless to have in possession. According to the interview, she states that the few weeks after the World Series, the players of Cubs baseball team were acting like little kids, jumping around and yelling because of their victory. She enjoyed watching them celebrate and says that she was in the victory parade. The whole team had a celebration week, where they all dressed up, according to the day of the week, just like Daniel Wright’s special weeks where all of the students dress up. Not only does she think of the cubs as a great team, she also thinks that the team is very clean-cut and neat to watch. Most of the time, they’ve scored points almost all of the time in the game. Mrs. Buchweitz also states that she was over the moon whenever she talked to the players; it would probably feel great to talk with the team of the cubs for us! Mrs. Buchweitz says that her favorite player is Chris Bryant. Who’s your favorite cubs player?