Cursed Orb Chapter 1

By Nikhil

cursed orb image“Don’t step there,” Martha, a Fire Nation soldier told Jackson. Martha could control fire and summon it at will. All Fire Nation soldiers could, but Martha could do it better than the rest and could use it to fly. No one else had flames powerful enough to do that other than the emperor of the Fire Nation.

“ I know! Jeez, Martha. You act like we’re just helpless little kids. We know what we’re doing!” exclaimed Jackson, a Water Nation soldier. As a water soldier, he could control it if they were near water to a limit. But, Jackson had no limits. He could control the water to his heart’s extent, and he also had a special ability. He could store the water in his body to use for a later time when he wasn’t near a water source, but it took up a lot of energy.

“Oh yeah! Well if you weren’t doing stupid things, like trying to step into lava like you are now…”

“ What lava… AHHHH,” Jackson barely got out of the way of the flowing lava. “Why didn’t you tell me about it earlier!?” He shouted at Martha.

“Both of you, STOP IT RIGHT NOW!” George shouted at the two. George was an Earth Nation soldier, and a natural born leader. All Earth Nation soldiers had a little power of the earth, but George could just do whatever he wanted with it. If he wanted, he could probably build another Great Wall of China. No other earth soldier could bend that much earth to their will.“ You two have been arguing ever since we got down here.” They were currently in the lower mantle of the Earth. Lava was flowing almost everywhere. It was steamy and burning. But, before they had made the journey, they had received a layer of cool air around them to protect them from the heat. There were many caves, and they tried to find the way that went farthest down.   “We’re a team, and we need to start acting like one. You shouldn’t be fighting with each other like children. The fate of the world depends on our success in this mission. We need to get the orb back to its owner if we want to stop the war between our 3 nations and the Wind and Metal Nations. We are the Earth’s only chance.”

“Oh, stop your sentiment,” Luke sighed, “We get that we have save to save  the world and all, but we don’t need to be bored to death with your speeches.” Luke was always calm, but gets bored easy. He was from the Earth Nation as well, and an amazing swordsman. The best swordsman in all of the five nations in fact.

“Just keep walking,” George said.

All of the soldiers had been selected because they each had special powers or just were the best at something.  From the Earth Nation, Will was also selected. He was the best archer that anyone would ever come across. He could shoot an arrow from 1,000 meters away and split the arrow that he shot before. His friends joked around and called him Willshot. From the Water Nation, Selena and Malcolm were selected. Selena could control the water to make images that show the future. This would be a useful ability to choose between crossroads. Malcolm could turn the pure water into water vapor and use the wind to create mini hurricanes. This could be used for a variety of purposes, but especially when they need a distraction or stall for time. The Fire Nation also had its special people. Connor might be mischievous, but he was a very powerful soldier. Just by visualizing something burning, he could make it instantly set aflame. He mostly used it to play pranks on people, but when he wanted to, he could be a ferocious warrior. Phoebe, was the best tracker that ever lived and knew all sorts of information that could save their lives. She was a personal assistant to the emperor until she was sent in this quest.

“ Looks like we’re reaching the core,” Phoebe announced, “ The air here is getting more humid and suffocating. We need to really watch our step here. One wrong move can lead to death by fire.

“ Thanks for that captain obvious,” Jackson taunted. As he was looking away, Connor set ablaze the ground where Jackson was going to step again.

Phoebe sighed and rapidly said, “ You’re stepping into fire.”

Jackson quickly sidestepped around the fire and a couple paths of flowing lava which made him look like he was doing a dance.

“ You people are the worst friends in the world. You don’t even tell me when I’m stepping into fire until the last second.” Jackson complained. Connor snickered in the back just quiet enough for Jackson not to hear.

Phoebe shrugged, “ I did warn you by telling you to watch where you’re stepping. You just didn’t care. So, that’s your fault.”

“ Jackson, Phoebe, stop arguing and concentrate on not dying,” George said through gritted teeth, “ Jackson, you especially. I won’t take you arguing with every. Single. Person. Either you shut up or I do it for you.” After that warning, Jackson knew better than to test George’s patience.

“Shhhh. We’re approaching the core. Brace yourself, and put on the sunglasses that you were given unless you want your eyes to go blind permanently.” Phoebe warned. They each put on the special sunglasses they were given by the fire emperor. The sunglasses could block the light from the core so that their eyes wouldn’t burn to a burn to a crisp. They soon reached two pillars and a giant wall after it.

“Looks like this is the Gateway to the Core.” George explained, “ Once we pass this gate, we will reach the core. Ready yourself and walk through.” They enter through the path and are immediately blown back so they are once again standing in front of the path. But now, a demon stood there. It was a man with a pale complexion, dark robes that spiked up at the top and a blood red shirt. He had slick black hair, Elvis Presley style. His eyes were were a black void with purple specks.

The man simply yawned and said, “ Looks like someone finally managed to awaken me. But sadly, this will be the last thing you ever do,” and then he charged the heroes, “ Looks like it’s time for you to die.”