Lighted School House

By: Reyna, Soheni, and Yusuf   

  Booming music drumming in your ears. The murmurs and laughs of children around you. The squeak of your shoes against the gym floor as you serve a ball over a net. This is the beloved magic of Lighted School House. If the thought of friends, music, games, and food appeals to you, come and take part if you haven’t already! Everyone gets to dance, play gym games, and listen to music with a real, professional D.J. Moreover, students had a chance to eat pizza, drink soda, Gatorade, or lemonade for no extra cost! Plus talking to friends, and maybe even nibbling on some chocolate or candy in the meantime for just a dollar a piece, sold by committed parent volunteers willing to give up part of their evening. On the other hand, if you missed this exhilarant mixer that took place on November 2nd, you can still sign up next spring for the one being held on the Friday of April 26, 2019, and count on it to take place in the future at Daniel Wright.

We interviewed the orchestra teacher, or student council teacher, Ms. Buffa, asking her if she thought students were enjoying Lighted School House, and she answered by saying, “I think the students were really engaged; there were a lot of people on the dance floor and students were hanging out with their friends and playing games.”  I could not agree more! Honestly, how much better does it get?

    So, where does this brilliant bash take place? The party is primarily held in the cafeteria of Daniel Wright, however it also includes the gym near the seventh and eighth grade hallways, plus the atrium for lounging, the space in between the two expanses. Furthermore, you do need a ride home from school at the end of the event. The festivities begin right as school ends at 3:50 pm to 5:00 pm. To sign up you can Revtrack and sign up there, but you have to pay the price of 5 dollars.

Anyone can go, so we hope to see you there.