Science Olympiad


By: Dhruv and Henry

    Science Olympiad is an interactive learning experience established in 1983 to help kids learn and develop many different scientific and mathematical skills.

    To get in, you have to pass a variety of different tests and worksheets to ensure that you deserve a place on the team. There are many different activities in Science Olympiad, in which you can participate in to sharpen your skills to use in tournaments. Advanced students are allowed to sign up for 5 to 6 activities, but it depends on their interests. Even though the advanced students have freedom when spots and time are available, they sometimes have to engage in alternate activities because there are too many or too few people in that certain activity. Nikhil, a student in Science Olympiad, states “We get some homework, but it is only to practice for tournaments.” He also says, “You can chose a variety of activities because there are 23 activities, and there are 32 people in Science Olympiad. Each person gets to tryout for up to 6 different activities to tryout on Nov 17, which is when the team trials occur.” Students need to practice a lot in order to obtain a good tournament score.

    The practices take place at Daniel Wright in the labs, gyms, and classrooms as well as at parent coaches’ houses. The coaches, Dr. Rexer, Ms. Solesky, and many parents of the students in Science Olympiad, work diligently to train the team. There are 4 different tournaments in Science Olympiad: Invitational, Regional, State, and National. Even though this might be hard work, it pays off. The tireless students and coaches work extra hard to attain trophies and medals for their works of excellence on their activities. You may think it is easy to win, but all 50 states do it and there are approximately 8,000 teams, which makes science Olympiad an extremely competitive team sport. When you go to competitions and other activities, there is still a fee for transportation, food, and more. What do you think Daniel Wright? Would you like to be in Science Olympiad?