Student of the Month

By Alexis and Ashlyn

If you´ve ever peeked into the display windows or any high range store such as Chanel, Tiffany’s, or Bulgari, you see 15 karat rings, diamond necklaces, and insane price tags. Here, at Daniel Wright, we have a seventh grader named Ananya Ramji who makes her own jewelry for lower prices with Swarovski jewels and sterling silver, ensuring beautiful work and great quality. Currently, she is selling her jewelry at Amita hospital and art fairs.

Ananya Ramji started making her her products 3 years ago, and started learning how to make jewelry, mainly earrings and necklaces from YouTube and her mom. Slowly progressing, she started to sell her products last summer at art shows and a hospital.

Her advice for new businesses is to start slow and if you jump in right away with no practice beforehand, you will feel unprepared and things will be hectic, so make sure to have a good count of everything you have. She works on her projects in her small study room she has, half for jewelry and half for her dad’s office. She takes visits when the hospital wants to be restocked, about once a month. She works with her mom and sister, who are starting to make loops and easier earrings. You can find Ananya around at art fairs and make sure to check out her jewelry!