Eighth grade basketball tournament

By Vishal and Yusuf

Did you know that the Daniel Wright basketball team had a tournament against the Fremont basketball team.  The game was played by the eighth graders and their was good playing from both teams. In the end the score was with many good plays and close calls.  We interviewed Mr. Rueth and asked him a few questions. The first question we asked was what was there favorite part of the game there response was they said everything was wonderful. We then asked what do you think you guys could have improved and he said we always have room for improvement.  The final score was not known yet, but there season ended on December 14. The match was on December,14 2018, it took place in the white gym.

They won 10 games out of the 12 they played. Mr.Rueth said  that’s his teams best qualities Effort during all practices and games. Also, they demonstrated wonderful Sportsmanship and Cooperation.were the team exhibited many qualities; however, the team demonstrated outstanding effort.

The basketball tournament went very well Daniel Wright won ten out of there twelve games and all of the teams had a lot of fun.