Starving Knight

By Richard

By: Richard

    Madness had nothing to do with the ‘peculiar’ disease, no, it was my own determination that led me to get my passionate degree of true devotion! Someone with a higher intelligence than the average joe would understand me, someone, someone that would not think of me to be infatuated. For you see, twas’ my own dogged attempts to cure this world of such diabolical evils of the world. To be one of the greats, it was my own self-indulgent motivation to persevere to be one of the great. Achilles, the great Greek warrior, Hector, the Trojan Warrior, Hercules the son of Zeus, but, my dear camarades, do you know the major downfall of all of these so-called “heroes”? HA! It is the very presence of their weaknesses! Achilles’ Heel, Hector’s fall, Hercules’s quality of being mortal! These poisonous qualities would inevitably painfully stab each of these heroes in the back. But, that time and age has gone away, and made way for new supernatural people, such as the humble yet courageous Kazimir, the embodiment of the greatness that has fallen from the sky. You might have embedded in your mind that I might be contradicting myself, but, to change your mind, to shift your paradigm, to change the very perspective that you might have acquired, you must go into my shoes. Days long ago that seem eons away, my earlier life. My humble beginning starts like any ordinary lad, a dream, and a burning, scorching desire to achieve it.

    My family had been ‘poor’ so to speak, we were on welfare for most of our lives in fact. My dad was a wretched man who would go loiter around the town, being reputable for doing unspeakable crimes and always having the worst mood of anybody. My mother would seem to not even acknowledge my existence, to her, I was insignificant… Anyway, before this becomes any slight more tedious, let us get back to my youthful self. At that time, no matter the circumstances, I thought the world was a beautiful place, a place where dreams were achievable, a place where the impossible was possible. This world would be my oyster, and I was sure to conquer it. I was aided in this dream of mine with a group of friends, people who had also suffered in similar situations. As we headed toward our futures, the fateful day had come… That day had been a normal day at first, my friends and I were playing together near an active militia, the army men were preparing to fire their broad muskets at targets, except for one wrong thing; one of the new members had just come into the militia. This member was, if I can put it into nice terms, needing extra-practice. His balance was steady, but, his aim was off, which would be included in the terrible event in that near future at the time. As we were playing, that one member had loaded his musket, aimed at the target, but, without realizing, he would inevitably miss, and hit one of my friends…

    It happened so fast we didn’t know what was going on. But, one thing remained, I survived by hiding behind a wagon, and I would get those militiamen if it were the last thing I did. So, I would spend a year trying to accuse them guilty, but, no such luck. Mad at the entire town, I fled, looking for salvation.

    Knowing that my family wouldn’t care about me and whether or not I left or not. I sent out on my miserable adventure, still having a small, but still existent, flame for glory. I had stole an old yet sturdy and favorable horse, Ash, due to its dark, cloudy color. For food rations, I got some bread and goat cheese as compensation for my friends’ deaths. As I sent out in my way, I gazed at the small, wooden, straw, houses and the passing horses, chickens, and people peacefully going among their way. Suddenly, in the far away distance, I saw angry citizens. Citizens with pitchforks and flaming torches. I was perplexed when I saw this, but I soon realized that they were chasing me. “How could you?!”, “How dare you insult our noble militia?!”. Were they serious? How wrong they were! How could they be so lacking in intelligence?! Finally, a sensation came up in my mind that I had never experienced in my mind before.