Student Council: Adopt a Family

By: Soheni and Reyna

   Adopt a family is where Student Council “adopted” 3 families from the Vernon Township Administrative Center, and then bought holiday gifts from each family’s wishlist. Then, council members went on a shopping trip to Kohl’s to purchase gifts from those lists, such as jackets, jeans, shorts, kitchenware, and purses. Next, they wrapped them in 3 different types of wrapping paper. The families chosen to be given to were families #50, #51, and #52.

   They wanted to create this activity as a fun and festive way to transition into the holiday season and spread joy to other families in our community that may not be able to afford holiday gifts for their family. At parent-teacher conferences, student council sold bowls painted by student council members and handmade pouches by Sinh Lai’s mom. They took shifts from different times of the two days of parent-teacher conferences, Thursday and Monday, to take turns selling bowls. Also, student council tried to promote the taking of the leaves of the giving tree. The giving tree was where some families took leaves from the tree and bought the items back after. The families had to turn it in on a certain due date.

    “I like Student Council because I find it to be an interesting and fun experience. I enjoy participating in this after school team, because it gives me an opportunity to help others in my community. Ms. Buffa is a organized, and creative person. I absolutely recommend it for next year, so please join!” quoted Soheni.