By: Autumn Wang

 Wrestling is a vigorous activity to join at Daniel Wright. The coaches are Coach Jones and Coach Ingratta. Every day at practice, the team does many drills and practice matches to improve their techniques for the races such as somersaults, cartwheels, and running.  In our interview, Coach Jones stated, “We welcome everyone to join the team and encourage all pupils to attend the wrestling matches, where we compete against other schools.” The matches tend to run through the season of this sport and at the end of the season, there are regionals and state meets, but only qualified team members can attend. Also, the coaches are grateful for the wrestling member Josh Zimring. He’s Daniel Wright’s first 4-year team member, as he was here from fifth grade. Both coaches are proud of his achievements and say he’s the most accomplished member by far. In wrestling, you compete by weight class. This means that you will be put in groups based on your weight and compete with someone most likely your size to make it a fair competition. In wrestling, you must also have the appropriate gear for the matches. This includes items such as wrestling shoes, singlets, headgear, knee pads, and special mats that you wrestle on. Practice at Daniel Wright runs from 3:45 – 5:15 p.m. every Monday-Thursday unless instructed differently. Also, there is occasionally weightlifting on Fridays which is not required. Practice runs in the cafeteria or in the fitness room. This is a great sport to increase your intensity of activity daily and everyone is welcome to join!