Cold Weather

By Smaran and Yusuf

Over the past couple weeks, there has been a lot of snowfall which has already plunged us knee or waist deep with the temperatures plunging as far as the -50s. Some days had record-breaking temperatures, like Wednesday and Thursday,  breaking records as far as it getting to the second coldest temperature ever recorded in Chicago! Some days it was even colder than regions of Antarctica and Siberia! Even though the temperatures were miserable, students had the best time ever because we got to chillax in our houses drinking hot chocolate.

Scientists have said that the main cause of the horrible weather was that we had a polar vortex. They require just the right combination of the cold upper air, warm air above ground level and cold air right near the ground. When they do happen, ice storms that leave less than an inch of ice on the ground can be much more disruptive than sleet or snowstorms that leave similar amounts of precipitation. People have reported that everything outside has a layer of ice over it.  This happens because it’s so cold that even when the snowflakes come in contact with the air a thin layer of ice forms over them, so when they come in contact with other objects, they get a thin layer of ice over it.

This cold weather also has an impact on nature and man-made objects.  For example, many trees and power lines toppled because of large accumulations of snow. Lots of roads and sidewalks were dangerous for pedestrians because of the icy glaze on them. Even small accumulations of ice could have been hazardous to motorists and pedestrians. Over 1,300 flights were canceled along with lots of places like the Lincoln Park Zoo closing at 3 o’clock! Many schools all over the midwest were canceled including our own school.

One accident included a railroad failing to operate and almost hitting a few cars.  Metra trains also had problems moving, with workers having to burn ice from the train and the mechanics.  This forced Metra to close down until they could operate again. Bridges and overpasses were particularly dangerous because of their ability to freeze before other objects tend to.  Traffic has increased, and it is hard for the snow plowers to constantly plow piles of snow and salt off the roads. Specialists have even said that if you planned to drive, make sure to bring blankets and a safety kit. So next time we have extremely cold weather, make sure to stay warm.

Here below are all the tips on how to stay warm during the cold days ahead.

First, get blankets and safety kit at your local convenience store to get blankets and a safety kit. Next, bottle up on hot pockets and hand warmers to keep warm if your heat breaks or gets broken by something. Last, buy insulators at your local convenience store. Looks for deals like buy one get one free. After you have gotten your insulators, attach them to every single crack, window, hole, door, and fireplaces you can find.