Debate Club

Debate Club

By: Dhruv

    Debate Club is an interactive after-school club every other Wednesday taught by Mrs. Nasenbeny and Stevenson debaters who come to Daniel Wright after school, such as Miranda, who is a senior in Stevenson High School. The high schoolers teach classrooms of 6th, 7th, and 8th graders who are divided into different classrooms. Students who signed up for this club at Daniel Wright come and learn how to debate and compete in tournaments. In tournaments, students on debate teams compete against other students from other schools to see who can prove their points better. Participants in Debate Club will be arguing against Aptakisic in the spring. Students debate for bills which they either think they should affirm (approve) or negate (disapprove). Students write their speeches in the form of this outline, a CRERREC, (Claim, Reasoning, Evidence, Reasoning, Evidence, a rebuttal, and a Conclusion),:




Contention/Reason #1



Contention/Reason #2



Refutation/Argue Against Another Speaker


-Zinger/Mic Drop

    Firstly, you need to research information on your bill.

    In an introduction, you want to state if you affirm or negate the bill and your claim, supported with a nice paragraph to grab the reader’s attention. In your contentions, you should make a detailed paragraph with evidence that can relate to your claim and reasoning that explains why the evidence connects to the claim.

    In your contentions #1 and #2 paragraphs, you should state how your contention that ties back to your claim. Then, you should find data and or evidence to help support the idea of your contention. Finally, you should then state your logic of why your evidence/data helps support your claim.

   In your rebuttals, you want to point out a person that you don’t believe has the right claim because you want to prove them wrong. You have to be prepared by knowing who you are against, your topic, and why he is wrong so that you can clearly deliver a good rebuttal.

   Lastly, you should write your conclusion. In your conclusion, you should restate your claim and your reasons that support your claim.

Again, this is a fancy CREREC, except for the rebuttal.