Cursed Orb- Chapter 4

The First Step

By: Nikhil G.

   The team woke up the next morning refreshed from a good night’s sleep. They had decided to walk the distance to Phoenix, Arizona and had found a motel there and rented out a couple rooms. They had quickly fallen asleep after the eventful day they had, for they would need to brave The Canyon and retrieve the angel’s wings.

   During breakfast, George addressed them all, “Today, will require more teamwork than yesterday’s… adventure. This time we will have to face a monster of formidable power, that demon is nothing compared to what this will be. We must be ready.”

   Luke asked the question, “What do you have in mind. There’s not much we can do on the road.”

   “We’re not going on the road,”George responded,

   “At least, not yet… We’ll stay here for 2 weeks and when you’re all ready, then we’ll set off.”

   “But you said that we were going to leave in the morning, this morning!” Connor whined.

   “I know,” George said, “But, we haven’t had much practice working as a team. We’ve never worked together except for yesterday. We need practice!” Everyone glanced at each other and they realized that what he was saying was true. They never had any practice working together. If they were going to survive this, they would need some practice.

  Luke spoke for everyone, “All right. When do we start?”


– – – – – – o – – – – – –

   For the next few days they went through a rigorous training program developed by George. All the Water Nation soldiers went to a nearby creek and controlled the water to practice their abilities. The Earth Nation soldiers, including George, went to a hill to practice controlling the Earth. For the Fire Nation soldiers, Connor created the fire needed for all of them to practice. After a few days of this, they joined together where the hill and the river met. This way both the water and land soldiers had a place to practice. Connor then cooked up a fire for their soldiers. Here was where they finally learned to work together, or at least tried to.

  “Watch it!” Martha shouted at Jackson as he accidentally blasted her.

   “Sorry. Misfire,” he said sheepishly. George had created an obstacle course which would require all their skills to beat. This way, they could learn to work together to overcome any obstacle in their path.

   “That idiot,” she muttered under her breath.

  George was about ready to explode. They had been keeping this up for several hours, and they were barely halfway through the entire thing. We’re never going to stand a chance if we keep this up. Especially Jackson, he has so much potential, yet he can’t control himself.

   Out loud he gritted his teeth and said, “Jackson, learn to control yourself and don’t make me do it for you. Now get focused, so we can finish this thing. Alright?”

   “Yes sir,” Jackson replied nervously. He didn’t want to face George’s wrath. He knew better than to go that far.

   After that warning, everyone started focusing and they finished it in just 2 hours. Near the end, they had worked together as if they had been a team for all their lives. They didn’t even need to talk, it was almost as if they could read each other’s thoughts. Even George couldn’t stay mad after that, and he congratulated everyone after that. They celebrated and partied together. Martha and Jackson even got along and complemented each other.

   As they were joking around, George had gotten up to make an announcement. He tapped his fork against his glass which got everyone’s attention, he cleared his throat and said, “ We did well today, better than we have ever done before. We stand a chance now. We will leave in the morning to—“

   “Are you sure about that, or will it be the same as last time,” Connor joked.

   George laughed and replied, “ I’m sure. We will leave in the morning, for sure this time. I’m not here to stop the party. I’m here to say let’s make this our best night yet. But remember, we will still a need peaceful sleep if we are to set out tomorrow.”

   At this point Luke stood up, “ I propose a toast. A toast to the strongest team this world has ever seen,” he then raised his glass, “ Cheers!”

   “Cheers!” 11 voices replied in unison.    Later that night, after they had all said their goodbyes and went off to their own rooms, Selena lay in bed pondering the day’s events. As she did this, all of sudden she gasped and seemed to have entered another world. She felt weightless as her body hovered above the bed, and her eyes turned a glossy white. One thought entered her mind, “FREE ME!” She opened her mouth to scream, but no sound would come out. “FREE ME!” the voice bounced around in her brain. And then, as soon as it started it stopped. Everything went back to normal as if nothing had even happened. The peaceful sleep that she wished for was replaced with a fearful wakening.