By: Mia Guseynova, Ashlyn Huang                                    


I gazed at the empty ground, knowing that anybody, or anything couldn’t change what I had been through about a year ago. My life turned from fortunate to sad. There was a dark gloomy rain cloud above me forever.

When I found out that my dad past away, I was extremely sad and I couldn’t go to school for a few weeks. I could tell it was hard on my mom for telling me what happened. Her hands were shaking, and her face was filled with sorrow. I also have two brothers, Zack and Ryan. They are the most annoying brothers in the world. When my dad past away Zach started laughing, and Ryan was just playing his game Fortnite. I don’t think that he could live without a game. They really didn’t care that my dad died, because they weren’t really close to him, and they thought he was a burden.

Then I went to school and broke the news to my friends. The rumors spread really quickly and I made a announcement to everyone in the school about the death so that they didn’t think that my dad got shot or something. After that everyone felt bad for me except for the mean girls, so whenever I went to lunch, the library, my classes, or even during passing period everyone would be like, “ARE YOU OKAY” so I decided to make a shirt that said I’M FINE and wore it to school for the rest of the year, because I was tired of my classmates always asking me the same question over and over.

Then the next year came, and it’s like nothing happens because everyone was friends with me again, and that’s how my life was. I don’t think I will ever not miss my dad or feel happy about him, but I will always remember him.