Spring Break

By Yusuf

As you probably know spring break is upon us.  Most people go on vacation, or just relax at their house.  I went around and interviewed some people on what they are doing in winter break.  Here are some things people are doing over spring break. To start us off, Dhruv M. who is in 6th Grade, is going on a vacation to Hawaii or Montana and visiting different landmarks. Smaran T. in 7th grade, is going to his friends house to hang out and play video games like Spider-Man and Batman.  Vishal R. in 6th grade, is watching Netflix and chilling, and Eeshaana is drawing and relaxing at her house. Richard L. in 7th grade, is going on a vacation to Tokyo, and Alexis P. in 7th grade, is going to California to visit her cousins house for the first time. Autumn W. in 6th grade, is staying home and going sledding if there is any snow left and Hari is going to a party.  Mrs. Mulé is going on vacation, but has not decided where to go yet. Lastly, I am just staying home and relaxing. As you can see most people are going on vacation, or just staying home. Spring break also means that the cold weather is gone, and the warm weather is coming in, so enjoy the warm weather by playing outside or riding your bike.

However, if you’re thinking of staying here, here are a list of things you could do.  

  • The Shedd Aquarium
  • The Field Museum
  • Adler Planetarium
  • Navy Pier
  • Lincoln Park Zoo.
  • Also you could go to a concert
  • Light some legal fireworks, like sparklers or smoke fireworks.

So have a good time and  enjoy your Spring Break.