Spanish Bookmarks For Charity

By: Soheni and Reyna

    For the Unit 3 project in the sixth grade Spanish classes, sixth graders created videos regarding their chosen organization to raise money for their organization. Each

Caption: These wolves are from the Endangered Wolf Center. The wolf in the far right is the mother while the minute ones to the left are the pups.

group/individual presented their videos to their class. Then the classes voted which organization they liked best. To do this, the whole grade would vote in their classes, and then vote out of the ten chosen projects. The overall winning organization was Endangered Wolves Center, presented by Miles and Jason.

    The organization is based in Eureka, Missouri and helps endangered wolves and foxes, hence the name. Anyone can adopt a wolf by paying a monthly fee to the organization. They can also get benefits there such as getting a one year membership to the Endangered Wolf Center, a biography and colored photo of the animal chosen to be “adopted,” discounts on select programs, etcetera. Furthermore, the endangered wolf center also has 6 different endangered wolf species that they take care of. These include Mexican wolves, red wolves, and other wild species. Also offered are summer camp, yoga, and tours.

    “Diversity night was a great night for the Endangered Wolf Center located in Eureka, Missouri because we raised $155. We had lots of people selling bookmarks that all helped, some walking around and some sitting.” Miles stated.

    The 6th grade Spanish teachers gave their students templates of the bookmark, if they were to draw it out. If the students were to design their bookmarks electronically, the templates would be online on the teacher’s home page. The bookmarks would have to be turned in a week before Diversity Night so that the teachers could laminate the bookmarks.

    At the diversity night held on April fourth, the bookmarks were sold in the evening, from 6:30-8:00 at Daniel Wright. Bookmarks were sold at a table outside of the school library, and only for that evening. If you didn’t buy bookmarks for this amazing cause, buy some next year, for only a dollar each.