The Diversity Fair


    The Diversity Fair is an event at Daniel Wright that celebrates the differences of culture, traditions, and all different countries that D.W’s students come from. This event held 18 different showcases that produced artifacts, writing and snacks from many different countries, including China, India, and Poland. Some displays were Chinese calligraphy, a.k.a 大字, da zi, traditional polish outfits, and lassi, which is a yogurt base mango drink native to India. Also, in the CAPE hallway there was Bulgarian and Greek food and a display of artifacts as well. The other showcases on site included diversity book club’s set, which was an area that held all of the books read for the club and art made by the participants as well. As well as book tasting. Book tasting is an event that raises money for young children in Chicago that can’t afford books. Whilst in the cafeteria, they had many concerts with dancing, singing, and even a Chinese dragon! In the gym, there were games such as Badminton, Diabolo, and Cricket. Even though we had so many activities that day, we also must remember the staff and community that helped make this event possible, so a big thanks to Mrs. Blackley and the teachers below.

  • Ms. Kodros
  • Ms. Funk
  • Mrs. Ligdas
  • Ms. Yan
  • Mrs. Tersina
  • Mrs. Gettleman
  • Mrs. Littlefair

    These were the teachers and staff that were in the Diversity Fair committee to help coordinate the food, activities and shows. These were all of the fun and festivities at the fair. We hope you went as well!