The Loved One

By: Dhruv

Chapter One:

Danger is Ahead!

        Jack O’Ryan looked solemnly at the picture. Tearing at the face of his loved one, he thought his whole life had fallen downhill. Bad grades, depression, and getting bullied weren’t  even the biggest problems of his life. His mother, Amelia’s death was; or so he thought it happened. Amelia had disappeared strangely on a Monday morning when she was going to work. Jack looked for her desperately but no one had even seen her face or car that day. Amelia’s boss was upset to. Now their sales slowed down. He thought, “What a drag”. Jack’s mom was the best saleswoman in the whole state. What happened to her? Why is she gone? Who did this? Is she dead? Jack pushed himself to answer these questions.

    After school, Jack immediately went to his house, or what some people called, a mansion. Now he only had 12 cars. Their Lamborghini Huracán Evo Spyder “disappeared” when Amelia was driving to work. Drinking his blue, clear water reminded him of his mom. Then, Jack heard an echoing voice from the 7th floor.

    “We’re going to her funeral,” said Zach, Jack’s father.

    “But Dad I—”. Jack stopped talking between his words because he knew she was probably dead. He knew there was little chance she would still be alive. Jack would be isolated since he didn’t have a brother or sister, and with his mother gone, he couldn’t play any board games. Jack went to the 7th floor and put on his jacket wistfully.

    In the Bugatti Veyron, Jack and Zach were completely silent. Zach wasn’t even in the mood for speeding like he usually does. Did Amelia’s have bad luck? The first one disappeared and the second one did to. At least one of them didn’t die in a murderous way.

    “Look on the bright side,” exhaled Zach while pushing on the brakes of the car.

    “There isn’t a bright side dad,” Jack solemnly remembered.

    They finally arrived at 1239 Death Strike Court. Jack rollerbladed to the entrance with his umbrella in his hand. It was lightly drizzling now. 20 people were already at her buried area from Jack’s sight. Connor, Jack’s friend, had his parents get some people to dig up dirt, pile it up, and flatten it.

    Zach was awkwardly smiling for some reason. Maybe he was just laughing at a old joke to cheer him. At least that’s what Jack thought.

    When they reached the burial, everyone was already looking down. There was already 21 flowers on the dirt, after Zach put his wet flower on. Holding his cross in his hand, Jack sent prayers.

    “Please, please say she isn’t dead,” muttered Jack.

    Suddenly, Jack heard booms. He heard it. He was positive. Connor screamed. He opened his eyes slightly and glanced toward the direction of the scream.

    Connor was on the ground, with a puddle of blood to the left of his body.