Track and Field

Mia and Ashlyn

    Every day from Monday through Thursday for about one hour there is track and field. Track and field isn’t just one sport. It made up of two different categories, Track and Field. For the track part some events or activities that people do is 100 meter, hurdles, a mile, 400 meter, and relay. Then for the field part the people also do high jump, long jump, discus, and shot put. We interviewed Mr.Steffens on why he liked track and field, and he said that he liked to watch the kids participate, and have fun. Track and field is a good sport, because no one can get cut from the sport. No one needs to do every event, and there are so many events to participate in. When we went outside to watch the actual practice, all the kids seemed to be laughing and enjoying their time. There are many kids in the team, and every single one if then try hard on everything. They have a meet around once or twice a week. Track and Field is an amazing sport to watch and play.

Future Track and Field Events

April 29-@ Aptakistic

May 4-Conference @ Woodlawn

May 17-18 IESA AA Peoria