Ashlyn and Mia

    Once upon a time there was a 12-year-old girl and her name was Rachel. She loved to play soccer and get injured. One day her mom told her that she needed to join track and field so she did. She did not want to join track.Then she met a friend named Kate. Kate told Rachel it will not be that bad. Then 3 months passed by and she LOVED it. Rachel had her first track and field meet and she did great she got into sectionals. Then over the weekends Rachel was playing kickball with her friends and one of her friends kicked her in the knee. She got very injured. When she went to the doctor the doctor told her that she could not participate in sectionals because she dislocated her knee. Rachel was very upset and she was excited to go to sectionals her, but unfortunately she couldn’t because she injured her knee. Even through all this she kept on trying and eventually reached her goal.