The Book Prison

Chapter 1

By: Nikhil  G.

    “If we’re going down, we’ll go down fighting,”George commanded the others. They all nodded in agreement and charged as one. The man’s robes were set on fire by Connor. Jackson used some of the water he stored up and blasted the nearest skeleton into the lava where it slowly burned. Luke slashed down monsters left and right and then threw their bones into the fire. Phoebe slipped a knife out of her utility belt and stabbed one of the skeletons; however, it did no damage.

  James Ryden stopped typing his new story, Cursed Orb as he tried to think of what else to add to the already great book. He went to his kitchen to make a coffee. He quickly fired up his coffee machine. He went to grab the cup from under the machine while pondering what to write. Immersed in his thoughts, he held the scalding drink without a covering and soon discovered that wasn’t the best of ideas. The cup clattered out of his hand and back onto the table, emptying it’s contents over the smooth surface. James let out a string of curses and went to clean it up.

    As he was doing so, he heard a voice coming from the other room. He halted his cleaning to investigate the noise. He cautiously shuffled across the room. Along the way, he picked up a cup made of china and readied himself to throw it if there was anyone there. As he got closer to the room, the voices, no, the voice, got louder. He had reached the door and in one smooth motion opened it all the way to examine the entire room. When he entered the room, he realized that the voice was coming from the computer.

         “ Enter,” the voice scratched out, “ Join the world that you have made.”

     “ Who are you?” he inquired.

    “Not who, what,” it stated, “ You should know what I am. You did create me after all.”

         “Are you… my story?” he asked.

         “Why of course I am. I’m shocked you even had to ask,” it laughed.

         “ But… how is this possible. You’re not real!” James cried out.

        “ Oh, but I am. Now, enter!” it shouted.

    James suddenly felt a sudden pull on his body as he made his way toward the computer. He struggled and twisted, desperate to find a way out of the hold that the maniacal story had on him. But no matter what he tried, he couldn’t get the invisible bond to release him. Slowly but surely, he made his way until he was mere inches from the computer. His hand reached out from his body and pressed its palm against the screen. For a moment, James thought that nothing had happened, but the next thing he knew, he was being twisted and squished into a multitude of shapes that he couldn’t understand. Then there was only black.

    He slowly opened his eyes and wished that the events leading to this were a mere dream. But as his eyes grasped the reality of the situation he was in, he realized that he was far from home, in a prison made by his own book.