The Loved Ones

Chapter 2: A Sticky Situation

By Dhruv

    Jack didn’t know what to do. He flopped onto the floor, pretending he was dead so he wouldn’t actually be killed.

    “Don’t worry Jack,” Zach said.

    Jack glared at his dad. Seeing the gun in Zack’s hand, he was scared to death.

    “Dad? Why would you do this to us?,”

    “You still don’t understand do you honey. I’ll keep you alive but money is a precious thing.”

    “You did this all for money? You were already rich enough,” Jack exclaimed.

    “Well Jack, nice seeing you. I’ll meet you again sometime, if you ever try to get her back.”

    “Who’s her,” Jack questioned. He suddenly realized, it was his beloved mother.

    “Wait—”. But it was to late. Zach was already running away into the forest.

    Jack slowly got up, and rushed to Connor, who was in a puddle of blood, and everyone else that had been knocked unconscious. He called 911 and immediately told them the information of their address from when Zack attacked them, and ran into the same direction his dad ran in. He had no time to lose. He knew he had to catch up with him.

    Running twice as fast as he usually does, Jack was motivated. At least he could maybe catch up with his dad. Jack suddenly heard the rustling of leaves.

    “It’s useless Zach,” said Jack.

   “Please – just tell me one last thing before you leave me dad.”

    “One question Jack,”

    “Where is my Mom.”

    “12638 Bradley Court in Missouri,” sighed Zach.

    “Where even is that. I can’t even drive yet unless… I break some laws,”

    “That’s my boy,” exclaimed Zach. He was proud of his boy to be thinking like a criminal. And to think his son would drive possibly all the way from L.A to Missouri was astonishing, but he didn’t care. He didn’t care about Jack anymore.

    Jack rollerbladed home, opened his garage and sighed. He started packing his technology, chargers, clothes, food, water, and his needed materials to get his mom back. Clutching the Maserati Ghibli keys in his hand, he knew.

He was ready for the tough journey ahead of him.

    Jack ended up getting his mom back. His dad was sent to prison for lifetime a felony. Jack and his mom lived happily ever after.