My Hero Academia – Season 4

By: Richard

“My Hero Academia”, a place where humans have evolved to have superpowers, sets the background of a place lurking with dangerous villains, heroic figures fighting to protect the peace, and younger generations learning to be great heroes themselves. With “My Hero Academia” already charged through season 3, the all-new, highly anticipated season 4 is soon coming! Most fans, like myself, would have some favorable moments from season 3 or in the past. Moments such as, for me, the fight of Deku against Muscular, the all remembered Sports Tournament, and of course, Mirio against Class 1-A. With the “Big-Three” just merely introduced, the community still has much to learn about Mirio, Tamaki, and Nejire. Of course, Mineta has been super hyped up for getting to work with Nejire, being the person he is. While the class still has much to learn about the Big Three in Season 4, Deku has been highly observant these past episodes.

The launch of Season 4 has been confirmed, everyone has been waiting anxiously. Plus, the brand new “My Hero Academia: Two Heroes” movie! Even though there isn’t that much information on the movie so far, it looks amazing through the trailers! And, of course, I need to mention the “My Hero Academia Justice” video game. It looks stunning with the wide selection of different characters you can choose from. Any fan would want this game! On the manga series, “My Hero Academia” has generally short manga copies in comparison to other mangas, but has been one of the most popular. Right now, on the English version, Season 3 had just been finished, but on the Japanese original version, they are way further in the series than us fans in America!

My most favorite character is probably Monoma, I know, I have terrible taste! But, you have to consider how funny he’s been past these seasons, always there to crap all over Class 1-A. And might I mention the funny and comedic times where Kendo slaps him every time he’s blurting out! The enormous fanbase of this anime has always stuck together, and it’s amazing how “My Hero Academia” has been out since 2014! That must seem like ages ago, especially me! Overall, My Hero Academia has a bright future ahead of it, and we need them to know that their fanbase is here to support them!

Black Holes: Introduction

By Smaran

Black holes, a bundle of information that no one can read. They shatter what was regular physics and create a whole new dimension. What is a black hole? Black holes are naturally formed when the largest stars, those with more than 20 times the mass of the Sun, collapse violently and explode. Here the density of matter is so high, the escape velocity exceeds the speed of light.

Think of it this way, space is a blanket held taut and the objects in space make divots in it depending on the mass of the object. The larger the object’s mass, the bigger the divot. A black hole makes a divot so deep that the speed that you need to escape the black holes is faster than the speed of light, which the speed of light itself is impossible (speed of light: 299,792,458 m/s).

Scientists can find black holes by seeing warped light. Around a black hole, light is warped because of the black hole’s gravitational pull, which is kind of obvious. Also, when they pass between you and another object you can see the space distortion and a red aura if the black hole is eating something. They even give of the radiation in the ultraviolet spectrum. But the most noticeable act of a black hole is when the overload and spit out lots of energy that can strip planets and maybe even whole solar systems of their life and each of their planet’s atmosphere.

If you are scared about black holes and think that no one will ever remember you if you’ve sucked into one, don’t worry because your image will always be on the surface/ event horizon of the black hole and everyone who is unfortunate enough to come that close to a black hole will see it thanks to the magic of time dilation. If you think that your image will fade away then don’t because through the magic of time dilation your image will stay there and just redden one tint per eternity for the low low price of you dying to a black hole. The only thing you should fear from a black hole is the agonizing pain of your body stretching as it gets stretched until it is one atom thin, but it all happens in a flash for you but the viewer never sees it happen through the magic of time dilation for the low low price of you dying to a black hole.

Lighted School House

By: Reyna, Soheni, and Yusuf   

  Booming music drumming in your ears. The murmurs and laughs of children around you. The squeak of your shoes against the gym floor as you serve a ball over a net. This is the beloved magic of Lighted School House. If the thought of friends, music, games, and food appeals to you, come and take part if you haven’t already! Everyone gets to dance, play gym games, and listen to music with a real, professional D.J. Moreover, students had a chance to eat pizza, drink soda, Gatorade, or lemonade for no extra cost! Plus talking to friends, and maybe even nibbling on some chocolate or candy in the meantime for just a dollar a piece, sold by committed parent volunteers willing to give up part of their evening. On the other hand, if you missed this exhilarant mixer that took place on November 2nd, you can still sign up next spring for the one being held on the Friday of April 26, 2019, and count on it to take place in the future at Daniel Wright.

We interviewed the orchestra teacher, or student council teacher, Ms. Buffa, asking her if she thought students were enjoying Lighted School House, and she answered by saying, “I think the students were really engaged; there were a lot of people on the dance floor and students were hanging out with their friends and playing games.”  I could not agree more! Honestly, how much better does it get?

    So, where does this brilliant bash take place? The party is primarily held in the cafeteria of Daniel Wright, however it also includes the gym near the seventh and eighth grade hallways, plus the atrium for lounging, the space in between the two expanses. Furthermore, you do need a ride home from school at the end of the event. The festivities begin right as school ends at 3:50 pm to 5:00 pm. To sign up you can Revtrack and sign up there, but you have to pay the price of 5 dollars.

Anyone can go, so we hope to see you there.


Cursed Orb Chapter 1

By Nikhil

cursed orb image“Don’t step there,” Martha, a Fire Nation soldier told Jackson. Martha could control fire and summon it at will. All Fire Nation soldiers could, but Martha could do it better than the rest and could use it to fly. No one else had flames powerful enough to do that other than the emperor of the Fire Nation.

“ I know! Jeez, Martha. You act like we’re just helpless little kids. We know what we’re doing!” exclaimed Jackson, a Water Nation soldier. As a water soldier, he could control it if they were near water to a limit. But, Jackson had no limits. He could control the water to his heart’s extent, and he also had a special ability. He could store the water in his body to use for a later time when he wasn’t near a water source, but it took up a lot of energy.

“Oh yeah! Well if you weren’t doing stupid things, like trying to step into lava like you are now…”

“ What lava… AHHHH,” Jackson barely got out of the way of the flowing lava. “Why didn’t you tell me about it earlier!?” He shouted at Martha.

“Both of you, STOP IT RIGHT NOW!” George shouted at the two. George was an Earth Nation soldier, and a natural born leader. All Earth Nation soldiers had a little power of the earth, but George could just do whatever he wanted with it. If he wanted, he could probably build another Great Wall of China. No other earth soldier could bend that much earth to their will.“ You two have been arguing ever since we got down here.” They were currently in the lower mantle of the Earth. Lava was flowing almost everywhere. It was steamy and burning. But, before they had made the journey, they had received a layer of cool air around them to protect them from the heat. There were many caves, and they tried to find the way that went farthest down.   “We’re a team, and we need to start acting like one. You shouldn’t be fighting with each other like children. The fate of the world depends on our success in this mission. We need to get the orb back to its owner if we want to stop the war between our 3 nations and the Wind and Metal Nations. We are the Earth’s only chance.”

“Oh, stop your sentiment,” Luke sighed, “We get that we have save to save  the world and all, but we don’t need to be bored to death with your speeches.” Luke was always calm, but gets bored easy. He was from the Earth Nation as well, and an amazing swordsman. The best swordsman in all of the five nations in fact.

“Just keep walking,” George said.

All of the soldiers had been selected because they each had special powers or just were the best at something.  From the Earth Nation, Will was also selected. He was the best archer that anyone would ever come across. He could shoot an arrow from 1,000 meters away and split the arrow that he shot before. His friends joked around and called him Willshot. From the Water Nation, Selena and Malcolm were selected. Selena could control the water to make images that show the future. This would be a useful ability to choose between crossroads. Malcolm could turn the pure water into water vapor and use the wind to create mini hurricanes. This could be used for a variety of purposes, but especially when they need a distraction or stall for time. The Fire Nation also had its special people. Connor might be mischievous, but he was a very powerful soldier. Just by visualizing something burning, he could make it instantly set aflame. He mostly used it to play pranks on people, but when he wanted to, he could be a ferocious warrior. Phoebe, was the best tracker that ever lived and knew all sorts of information that could save their lives. She was a personal assistant to the emperor until she was sent in this quest.

“ Looks like we’re reaching the core,” Phoebe announced, “ The air here is getting more humid and suffocating. We need to really watch our step here. One wrong move can lead to death by fire.

“ Thanks for that captain obvious,” Jackson taunted. As he was looking away, Connor set ablaze the ground where Jackson was going to step again.

Phoebe sighed and rapidly said, “ You’re stepping into fire.”

Jackson quickly sidestepped around the fire and a couple paths of flowing lava which made him look like he was doing a dance.

“ You people are the worst friends in the world. You don’t even tell me when I’m stepping into fire until the last second.” Jackson complained. Connor snickered in the back just quiet enough for Jackson not to hear.

Phoebe shrugged, “ I did warn you by telling you to watch where you’re stepping. You just didn’t care. So, that’s your fault.”

“ Jackson, Phoebe, stop arguing and concentrate on not dying,” George said through gritted teeth, “ Jackson, you especially. I won’t take you arguing with every. Single. Person. Either you shut up or I do it for you.” After that warning, Jackson knew better than to test George’s patience.

“Shhhh. We’re approaching the core. Brace yourself, and put on the sunglasses that you were given unless you want your eyes to go blind permanently.” Phoebe warned. They each put on the special sunglasses they were given by the fire emperor. The sunglasses could block the light from the core so that their eyes wouldn’t burn to a burn to a crisp. They soon reached two pillars and a giant wall after it.

“Looks like this is the Gateway to the Core.” George explained, “ Once we pass this gate, we will reach the core. Ready yourself and walk through.” They enter through the path and are immediately blown back so they are once again standing in front of the path. But now, a demon stood there. It was a man with a pale complexion, dark robes that spiked up at the top and a blood red shirt. He had slick black hair, Elvis Presley style. His eyes were were a black void with purple specks.

The man simply yawned and said, “ Looks like someone finally managed to awaken me. But sadly, this will be the last thing you ever do,” and then he charged the heroes, “ Looks like it’s time for you to die.”



A Short History of The Internet

With some computer history thrown in…

By Alex

    The Internet is a large, large, large place. In fact, it takes up over a zettabyte, which a little over one sextillion bytes (a byte is around one character). To put the sheer amount of data that is, there are around 7 billion people on earth. For there to be 1 sextillion people, you would have to multiply the people on earth by over 142 billion, which is more people than the earth can fit. The physical data would take up an oil tanker (just the storage devices, not data centers, wires, or routers).

    Not only do we use the Internet outside of school, but students all across America and the world use online aids. In fact, 48 out of 50 states and Washington DC support online learning. The US Department of Education has a webpage dedicated to sharing every major or influential online education program, which includes online schools, universities, and enrichment programs.

    I was curious where everything big and small on the Internet came from. So, I set about tracking down the history of the Internet.

205-85 BC- Antikythera mechanism

    This ancient machine, which is an analogue computer (non-digital), was created in Greece over two millennia ago. This relic was found on a shipwreck near the island of Antikythera, which is off the Greek coast. It is one of the very first computers, and was used to predict astronomical events and positions up to decades ahead, and track the cycle of the Ancient Olympic Games

1837- Analytical Engine

    The Analytical Engine was a suggested computer created by Charles Babbage. It was another predecessor to the modern computer. It would have been used to do complex mathematical equations. As it was never built, there was no coding language developed for the computer by Babbage himself. A code was developed by the Italian mathematician, and future prime minister, Luigi Federico Menabrea. His writings were translated into English by Ada Lovelace, the daughter of famous poet Lord Byron, who predicted that the Engine could be used for scientific applications.

1936-World Brain

    The “Father of Science Fiction”, H.G Wells, predicts a ‘World Brain’, where everyone would share information. He described it throughout his collections of essays in the book World Brain as a free, synthetic, and permanent encyclopedia for all to use.

1959- First online education program

    Daniel Alpert and Don Bitzer created the first online education program at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. The program, dubbed PLATO, had over 15,000 hours of lessons stored.

1964- Asimov’s prediction

    Isaac Asimov, a writer of hard science fiction, wrote to the New York Times in 1964, saying: “The I.B.M. exhibit at the [1964 World’s Fair]… is dedicated to computers, which are shown in all their amazing complexity, notably in the task of translating Russian into English. If machines are that smart today, what may not be in the works 50 years hence? It will be such computers, much miniaturized, that will serve as the ‘brains’ of robots… Communications will become sight-sound and you will see as well as hear the person you telephone. The screen can be used not only to see the people you call but also for studying documents and photographs and reading passages from books.” His predictions are exactly what we use today, as FaceTime and Skype, Google, and EBooks.

1975- Microsoft

    Microsoft is founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. It started out by making operating systems for other companies, such as IBM.

1976- Apple

    Apple is founded by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs. The Steves started out by making the Apple II, a home computer.

1985- Crypto Currency

    An American cryptographer named a David Chaum released what is widely known as the first online monetary system, ecash.

1990- Archie

    Widely considered to be the first search engine, Archie (no relation to Archie Comics) was created at McGill University in Montreal by Alan Emtage.

1990- World Wide Web

    Tim Berners-Lee begins coding the a browser/interface which he calls the World Wide Web.

1990- First website

    The first website, is made at CERN, a physics lab near the French border of Switzerland. It goes live shortly after.

1994- Amazon

    Jeff Bezos founded Amazon, the world’s largest internet retailer by revenue, as an online bookstore.

1995- Google

    Sergey Brin, and undergrad student at Stanford is assigned to show Larry Page around, who was considering going to grad school at Stanford. The two later founded Google in their dorm room. Fun fact: Google’s first server was made out of Legos!

1996- Nokia 9000

    The Nokia 9000 is released, which is the first cellphone with a web browser. It sold for $800 and was discontinued in the early 2000s

1996- First pop-up add

    The first pop-up ad was created by Ethan Zuckerman. In 2014, he apologised for creating what he called “The Original Sin of the Internet”.

1997- PowerSchool

    PowerSchool is founded by Greg Porter. He unofficially started the company in 1983 when he created record keeping software for his high school, and sold it to them for $350.

2001- Wikipedia

    Wikipedia was founded by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger. Unlike other online encyclopedias, such as Encyclopædia Britannica, Wikipedia was created so all people could edit it, which was a novel idea at the time

2008- Bitcoin

   The website is registered. This is the start of Bitcoin, which is the most traded crypto.


Computer History Museum

Encyclopædia Britannica

Department of Education

Science Olympiad


By: Dhruv and Henry

    Science Olympiad is an interactive learning experience established in 1983 to help kids learn and develop many different scientific and mathematical skills.

    To get in, you have to pass a variety of different tests and worksheets to ensure that you deserve a place on the team. There are many different activities in Science Olympiad, in which you can participate in to sharpen your skills to use in tournaments. Advanced students are allowed to sign up for 5 to 6 activities, but it depends on their interests. Even though the advanced students have freedom when spots and time are available, they sometimes have to engage in alternate activities because there are too many or too few people in that certain activity. Nikhil, a student in Science Olympiad, states “We get some homework, but it is only to practice for tournaments.” He also says, “You can chose a variety of activities because there are 23 activities, and there are 32 people in Science Olympiad. Each person gets to tryout for up to 6 different activities to tryout on Nov 17, which is when the team trials occur.” Students need to practice a lot in order to obtain a good tournament score.

    The practices take place at Daniel Wright in the labs, gyms, and classrooms as well as at parent coaches’ houses. The coaches, Dr. Rexer, Ms. Solesky, and many parents of the students in Science Olympiad, work diligently to train the team. There are 4 different tournaments in Science Olympiad: Invitational, Regional, State, and National. Even though this might be hard work, it pays off. The tireless students and coaches work extra hard to attain trophies and medals for their works of excellence on their activities. You may think it is easy to win, but all 50 states do it and there are approximately 8,000 teams, which makes science Olympiad an extremely competitive team sport. When you go to competitions and other activities, there is still a fee for transportation, food, and more. What do you think Daniel Wright? Would you like to be in Science Olympiad?


Art Club

By: Ritaja and Ruina

Do you like drawing? Painting? Using clay? If you like any if those, then you should join the art club. There are no planned projects for you to do. Nor are there any materials that you are required to use. All the 7th and 8th graders can join. Everyone does their own projects. After interviewing Mrs. Gettleman (who is the host of art club and the art teacher), we found out that the thing that she enjoyed most about teaching art club is seeing all the creativity of all the art club members. She can be inspired by them, and she loves to see their passion for art. We also asked her why she would encourage people to join art club, if she would encourage people to join. She replied that she would because it is fun, that she thinks that art is awesome, and that it is a great place to explore interests and expand skills. Her favorite thing to see students work with are paintings and drawings, specifically portraits. To many people, portraits are considered very difficult. The reason is that the details are too precise, and you have to make it close to perfection, while also keeping the drawing or painting realistic. She thinks that it is refreshing to see students confident enough to try to draw something most people believe is hard. Not only that, but they can succeed with her help. Also, some students decide to take it one step further by shading and highlighting. It adds depth to the drawing, making the piece of art have more meaning to it. Her favorite material to work with is acrylic paint. That is because they use it in art classes, and some people decide to take it a few steps further. She would love to see people get better at painting, because that would show her that Art club really is helping the members improve their skills. The last question we asked her was if she was planning on doing any charity projects. She had not done any yet, but she replied that she would think about it. For those of you who want to join, Art club normally meets on Wednesday in room 127.