Student of the Month

By Alexis and Ashlyn

If you´ve ever peeked into the display windows or any high range store such as Chanel, Tiffany’s, or Bulgari, you see 15 karat rings, diamond necklaces, and insane price tags. Here, at Daniel Wright, we have a seventh grader named Ananya Ramji who makes her own jewelry for lower prices with Swarovski jewels and sterling silver, ensuring beautiful work and great quality. Currently, she is selling her jewelry at Amita hospital and art fairs.

Ananya Ramji started making her her products 3 years ago, and started learning how to make jewelry, mainly earrings and necklaces from YouTube and her mom. Slowly progressing, she started to sell her products last summer at art shows and a hospital.

Her advice for new businesses is to start slow and if you jump in right away with no practice beforehand, you will feel unprepared and things will be hectic, so make sure to have a good count of everything you have. She works on her projects in her small study room she has, half for jewelry and half for her dad’s office. She takes visits when the hospital wants to be restocked, about once a month. She works with her mom and sister, who are starting to make loops and easier earrings. You can find Ananya around at art fairs and make sure to check out her jewelry!

Mrs. Buchweitz

by: Autumn, Yusuf, Dhruv, Vishalcubs

Did you know? Mrs. Buchweitz works for the cubs! She is the cheerleading coach at D.W. She claims in an interview, “I was always a big fan of the cubs since I was little, and I decided to try out for the job, and was so surprised and happy when I got it!” Mrs. Buchweitz not only manages the famous baseball team, but also, she watches many games during the season. She has worked with the cubs for almost thirteen years, and she enjoys very much to work with this baseball team as a supervisor. Some would think watching twelve games in a whole lifetime is a overload of baseball, but Mrs. Buchweitz watches at least seventy six games per year! Also, she has a special World Series ring! When the Cubs baseball team won the World Series in 2016, every worker got a ring. Each were specially prepared for them, with their last names engraved on the side. Mrs. Buchweitz’s has gems and jewels on hers and she believes it is priceless to have in possession. According to the interview, she states that the few weeks after the World Series, the players of Cubs baseball team were acting like little kids, jumping around and yelling because of their victory. She enjoyed watching them celebrate and says that she was in the victory parade. The whole team had a celebration week, where they all dressed up, according to the day of the week, just like Daniel Wright’s special weeks where all of the students dress up. Not only does she think of the cubs as a great team, she also thinks that the team is very clean-cut and neat to watch. Most of the time, they’ve scored points almost all of the time in the game. Mrs. Buchweitz also states that she was over the moon whenever she talked to the players; it would probably feel great to talk with the team of the cubs for us! Mrs. Buchweitz says that her favorite player is Chris Bryant. Who’s your favorite cubs player?


Lighted School House

By: Reyna, Soheni, and Yusuf   

  Booming music drumming in your ears. The murmurs and laughs of children around you. The squeak of your shoes against the gym floor as you serve a ball over a net. This is the beloved magic of Lighted School House. If the thought of friends, music, games, and food appeals to you, come and take part if you haven’t already! Everyone gets to dance, play gym games, and listen to music with a real, professional D.J. Moreover, students had a chance to eat pizza, drink soda, Gatorade, or lemonade for no extra cost! Plus talking to friends, and maybe even nibbling on some chocolate or candy in the meantime for just a dollar a piece, sold by committed parent volunteers willing to give up part of their evening. On the other hand, if you missed this exhilarant mixer that took place on November 2nd, you can still sign up next spring for the one being held on the Friday of April 26, 2019, and count on it to take place in the future at Daniel Wright.

We interviewed the orchestra teacher, or student council teacher, Ms. Buffa, asking her if she thought students were enjoying Lighted School House, and she answered by saying, “I think the students were really engaged; there were a lot of people on the dance floor and students were hanging out with their friends and playing games.”  I could not agree more! Honestly, how much better does it get?

    So, where does this brilliant bash take place? The party is primarily held in the cafeteria of Daniel Wright, however it also includes the gym near the seventh and eighth grade hallways, plus the atrium for lounging, the space in between the two expanses. Furthermore, you do need a ride home from school at the end of the event. The festivities begin right as school ends at 3:50 pm to 5:00 pm. To sign up you can Revtrack and sign up there, but you have to pay the price of 5 dollars.

Anyone can go, so we hope to see you there.


Science Olympiad


By: Dhruv and Henry

    Science Olympiad is an interactive learning experience established in 1983 to help kids learn and develop many different scientific and mathematical skills.

    To get in, you have to pass a variety of different tests and worksheets to ensure that you deserve a place on the team. There are many different activities in Science Olympiad, in which you can participate in to sharpen your skills to use in tournaments. Advanced students are allowed to sign up for 5 to 6 activities, but it depends on their interests. Even though the advanced students have freedom when spots and time are available, they sometimes have to engage in alternate activities because there are too many or too few people in that certain activity. Nikhil, a student in Science Olympiad, states “We get some homework, but it is only to practice for tournaments.” He also says, “You can chose a variety of activities because there are 23 activities, and there are 32 people in Science Olympiad. Each person gets to tryout for up to 6 different activities to tryout on Nov 17, which is when the team trials occur.” Students need to practice a lot in order to obtain a good tournament score.

    The practices take place at Daniel Wright in the labs, gyms, and classrooms as well as at parent coaches’ houses. The coaches, Dr. Rexer, Ms. Solesky, and many parents of the students in Science Olympiad, work diligently to train the team. There are 4 different tournaments in Science Olympiad: Invitational, Regional, State, and National. Even though this might be hard work, it pays off. The tireless students and coaches work extra hard to attain trophies and medals for their works of excellence on their activities. You may think it is easy to win, but all 50 states do it and there are approximately 8,000 teams, which makes science Olympiad an extremely competitive team sport. When you go to competitions and other activities, there is still a fee for transportation, food, and more. What do you think Daniel Wright? Would you like to be in Science Olympiad?