Explore the Arts Day

By: Soheni and Reyna

Beginning Guitar:

    In Beginning Guitar, students learned the basics of guitar. The teacher was Mrs. Alban, the retired chorus teacher. The guitars were already in tune, making it quick to get started. The students learned basic chords like G Major and C Major and at the end of class, Mrs. Alban sang a song while the students played the chords.

Stage Makeup:

    In this activity, employees from “LASH’D” in Vernon Hills came by to create realistic scars using makeup, as well as traditional glam. Supervised by Mrs. Namkung, the group was a mix of all grades, almost all girls. The mediums used were eyeshadow, foundation, concealer, and lipgloss for the regular makeup, and eyeshadow and fake blood applied with a porous sponge for the “wounds.”

String Art:

    Taking place in the eighth grade hallway, the Sprague art teacher, Mrs. Feld, taught and instructed the process of creating a yarn design on a sheet of paper. She even taught a technique in order to thread a needle, using a paper clip. You loop the thread/yarn through the paper clip, and then easily slide the thin paper clip through the needle hole. Then remove the yarn from the paper clip. There you have it, an easily threaded needle! We also learned about different designs, a fountain, helix, or, just an improvisation. At the end, the paper board were framed with masking tape.

Special Effects Makeup:

   This class took place in Mr. Beno’s room. In this class, students were taught by a visiting Special Effects Makeup artist. The visitor distributed bags of supplies to create a fake wound. The fake wound was created with rolled oats, body paint, fake blood (corn syrup and food coloring), and liquid latex. This class was supervised by Mr. Mol. The process is fairly simple, first tear up tissue paper like the size of a hand. Then spread the latex around and layer up the tissue paper. Tear a hole in the tissue paper and stick rolled oats with the latex. Cover up the oats with paint and your finished.

Plant Based Cooking Tricks:

    The bakers from Holcomb Hollow in Mundelein visited our school to educate us about ways to make a variety of treats that most people love used no animal products. Furthermore, everything from their bakery is vegan and gluten free. We made chocolate truffles, chocolate turtles, and marshmallow fluff oatmeal cookie sandwiches. For the cookie sandwiches, the

marshmallow fluff was used with a very odd ingredient: chickpea can liquid. Who knew you could make something tasting just like marshmallow fluff using chickpea liquid!

Theatre Games:

    This class had a representative from “Roots” which is a musical theatre company. There they played games, such as “What Are You Doing.” In this game, as shown above, one person starts by doing an action. Next, the second person asks what they are doing. Then the second person does the action said by the first person. This continues, back and forth between the two people.

Shark Tank

By Ruina and Ritaja

       A few months ago the PTO and two Sprague teachers, Mrs. Chiesa and Mrs. Vani, created a Shark Tank program designed for kids. Mrs. Vani already had experience with inventing a product, having sold a workout product called Ab Master a while ago. Mrs. Chiesa and Mrs. Vani also do an event called the invention convention in 2nd grade, which is similar to the Shark Tank we do, so they have some experience off of that too.

After asking people involved in this activity, Shark Tank, some questions, we managed to discover their opinion on Shark Tank, as well as why they joined and what they are inventing. The kids that we interviewed, Saira, Reyna, and Nanoko, all have different reasons on why they started doing Shark Tank, and different ways that their life has been impacted by this event. Saira wants to help people who are struggling with something, while Reyna found it interesting. Nanoko saw it on TV, and when her partner asked her to join, she thought it would be fun to try it out.

It has had an impact on all their lives by seeing what it would be like from the business person/inventors point of view. Reyna and Saira have actually decided to work together with some of their other friends, such as Alexandra and Ritaja. Nanoko and Veda have decided to work on a project together as well. Reyna’s group is making “The Cookie Bucket”. This invention will cut down the time of making cookies and is easy to wash/clean. It is a bucket with markings to fill up to for some ingredient. There are inserts for whichever cookie you want to make. Nanoko and Veda are making something called the “Get Set Go Clock”, quoted by Nanoko, “A Get Set Go Clock is a reminder clock that reminds people what to do at what time so, you won’t be late in doing things”. These inventions are trying to solve different problems that people, including us, have faced, but there are other ways to figure out what product to make. Everyone had access to the Baxter Lab, to build their prototype. The Baxter Lab is a lab where there are 3D printers, lasers, wood carving machines and many more.

The day of the presentations of the Shark Tank, sharks, that are not known right now and are not Mrs. Chiesa and Mrs. Vani, will go around looking at a presentation about your product and your elevator pitch. An elevator pitch is a 30 second snippet where you tell the Sharks about your product, why they should “invest” in it, and leave a memorable impact on them to keep them thinking. Your presentation can be a slideshow, poster board, keynote, whatever you like. While the Sharks won’t actually be purchasing your product, you are still allowed to sell your invention if you figure out how. Currently, the program is not giving out prizes, but if it works out this year, they are planning on adding prizes in the future.


Covered by Alexis Park

Sixth graders have outdoor ed, the eighth graders have the Washington trip, the Chicago trip, and the eighth grade dance, and the seventh graders have Springfield and snowflake!

Snowflake is a program managed by teachers like Mrs. Toomey and Mrs. Rickert, and the Wright Way Club, but the real stars of the show are the Stevenson students and speakers. Stevenson students and adults come to Daniel Wright and share their experiences and stories. Then, Daniel Wright seventh graders split up into groups and participate in different drug-prevention activities.

Snowflake goes from 2 o’clock to 8. The bus comes around at 1:30, and a dance is at 7-8 o’clock. Participants will receive a t-shirt designed by Vivian Zhu, a seventh grader at Daniel Wright. Food is provided: Goldfish, Starburst, and pizza, to name a few. Bringing a water bottle is also recommended, snacks may influence thirst.

Those who manage the program hope that Snowflake will influence your future, even if it only affects a few decisions. Many people have died from drug overdose, over drinking, and some Daniel Wright alumni have made decisions that have affected their futures negatively, those who sponsor this program hope this will help you make responsible choices in the future.

Snowflake Interview (Darius Anta, Wright Way Club)

Main purpose of snowflake?
It is to learn about drugs  and how to make good decisions.

People who are involved in snowflake? Namely, teachers.

Mrs. Rickert, Mrs. Rickter, and Mrs. Nelson are running it. Also, many students are helping.

Who designed the shirt what does it have on it?
Vivian Zhu designed the T-shirt. It is a city melting into snowflakes.

What is snowflakes message?

Why did we make the choice to start the program at our school?

DW didn’t start Snowflake, it is part of a charity called Operation Snowball. We made the choice to start snowflake a long time ago. We wanted to make sure students at DW don’t fall into the downward spiral of drugs.

What do you do if you don’t go to the program?
If you don’t want to come to snowflake you can spend the school day watching Ted Talks and filling in worksheets. It’s a mandatory school day.

Why is snowflake a highlight of seventh grade?
It’s enjoyable and you get a T-shirt and food. Also, snowflake isn’t your traditional health class, you don’t realize you are learning about drug prevention, it’s just plain fun.

Who comes over to speak?

People who have had drug problems are talking there as well as the substance abuse director of Stevenson. Also, Stevenson students will be there, as well many other inspirational speakers as well, who had children who were leaders, who were smart, funny, social, and nearly lost their lives to drugs.

Spring Break

By Yusuf

As you probably know spring break is upon us.  Most people go on vacation, or just relax at their house.  I went around and interviewed some people on what they are doing in winter break.  Here are some things people are doing over spring break. To start us off, Dhruv M. who is in 6th Grade, is going on a vacation to Hawaii or Montana and visiting different landmarks. Smaran T. in 7th grade, is going to his friends house to hang out and play video games like Spider-Man and Batman.  Vishal R. in 6th grade, is watching Netflix and chilling, and Eeshaana is drawing and relaxing at her house. Richard L. in 7th grade, is going on a vacation to Tokyo, and Alexis P. in 7th grade, is going to California to visit her cousins house for the first time. Autumn W. in 6th grade, is staying home and going sledding if there is any snow left and Hari is going to a party.  Mrs. Mulé is going on vacation, but has not decided where to go yet. Lastly, I am just staying home and relaxing. As you can see most people are going on vacation, or just staying home. Spring break also means that the cold weather is gone, and the warm weather is coming in, so enjoy the warm weather by playing outside or riding your bike.

However, if you’re thinking of staying here, here are a list of things you could do.  

  • The Shedd Aquarium
  • The Field Museum
  • Adler Planetarium
  • Navy Pier
  • Lincoln Park Zoo.
  • Also you could go to a concert
  • Light some legal fireworks, like sparklers or smoke fireworks.

So have a good time and  enjoy your Spring Break.