The one who accepts all for who they are – Hatred Reversal News Published on October 11, 2017 L. G. B. T. Q? Across America, people have been gradually exposed to the LGBTQ spectrum and some have affirmed it, while others are highly critical of it. Those who are critical usually either cite religion or […]

Brady Rivkin Disclaimer: This article and any other opinion articles published by the Daniel Wright Voice are not endorsed by the Daniel Wright Junior High School, nor do they reflect the views of the school. These articles are solely the opinions of the students at the school. In the 21st century, one would think that […]

500 Paper Wishes by: Maff Over the last few months, our section hasbeen folding 500 paper cranes out of colorful Post-It notes. What’s special, however, is that we compiled a number of positive messages, and hid them in the folded cranes. They would be donated off to a children’s hospital to support the patients. This […]