Spring Break

By Yusuf

As you probably know spring break is upon us.  Most people go on vacation, or just relax at their house.  I went around and interviewed some people on what they are doing in winter break.  Here are some things people are doing over spring break. To start us off, Dhruv M. who is in 6th Grade, is going on a vacation to Hawaii or Montana and visiting different landmarks. Smaran T. in 7th grade, is going to his friends house to hang out and play video games like Spider-Man and Batman.  Vishal R. in 6th grade, is watching Netflix and chilling, and Eeshaana is drawing and relaxing at her house. Richard L. in 7th grade, is going on a vacation to Tokyo, and Alexis P. in 7th grade, is going to California to visit her cousins house for the first time. Autumn W. in 6th grade, is staying home and going sledding if there is any snow left and Hari is going to a party.  Mrs. Mulé is going on vacation, but has not decided where to go yet. Lastly, I am just staying home and relaxing. As you can see most people are going on vacation, or just staying home. Spring break also means that the cold weather is gone, and the warm weather is coming in, so enjoy the warm weather by playing outside or riding your bike.

However, if you’re thinking of staying here, here are a list of things you could do.  

  • The Shedd Aquarium
  • The Field Museum
  • Adler Planetarium
  • Navy Pier
  • Lincoln Park Zoo.
  • Also you could go to a concert
  • Light some legal fireworks, like sparklers or smoke fireworks.

So have a good time and  enjoy your Spring Break.

There’s snow place like home

By Alexis

Do you have a tradition for the holidays? A secret Santa exchange or a traditional cookie recipe? Do you make snow angels and read books in front of the fire? Many people do, there’s no other way to celebrate the holidays with your family and friends.

    When winter break rolls around, you expect at least one thing— snow. As elementary students, we ran outside at the sighting of the first flake and built snowmen, made snow angels, and went sledding. This year, there was almost no snow, but we got our snow in January. When we get older however, we need to help our moms and dads with shoveling and we need to deal with the traffic that holds up our schedules. Either way— young or old, we all need a snow day in our agenda!

    As you bake cookies or drink hot chocolate, a holiday song usually plays in the background, whether it’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey or “Let It Go” by Idina Menzel. Festivals of all sorts also encourage this kind of cheer, such as Jingle Bash. There are other festivities in Illinois as well, such as the Homewood chocolate fest and one in Chicago, the Winter Wonderfest.

Opinion: Hearing is Not Respected Enough

Brady Rivkin


Disclaimer: This article and any other opinion articles published by the Daniel Wright Voice are not endorsed by the Daniel Wright Junior High School, nor do they reflect the views of the school. These articles are solely the opinions of the students at the school.

Music is music only when it isn’t noise, but many don’t ever regard music as noise. Noise can easily cause hearing loss because it is typically too loud for the given situation, but if somebody is playing loud music, they are not liable to stop if someone asks them to because they don’t regard the music as noise. It is even more difficult to eradicate nearby noise if one is not near the source, and this situation comes into play very often at parties, especially when indoors. The situation could be as simple as one person sitting in an apartment while a group of people is having a party in the next. That person’s sleep could be deeply affected by the noise, and if they can’t persuade the partiers next door to turn down the volume, the partiers essentially are prioritizing their happiness on one day over another’s hearing ability for their whole life. According to the WHO (World Health Organization), the average sound level that one should experience at night should not be higher than 40 decibels (euro.who.int). However, in late October, I heard noise that seemed too soft to be coming from my house, but loud enough that I could barely understand many of the words. This kept me awake for nearly three hours, and by the time I decided to take a short decibel measurement, it was almost 11:30. The graph of the noise level varied, but it was mostly over forty decibels, and for much of the time over fifty. Fifty decibels is very significant because it is ten times the noise level of forty. Unfortunately, there was no way to communicate with the people at the noise source, but hopefully, armed with new evidence, those in the troubling situation of having sleep disturbance from noise will assert themselves and their rights. It is the only way to empower others to pursue justice for all.

Decibel 10th has not been verified as credible, and the measurements are very likely to be inaccurate. However, because the measurements were averaging over ten decibels of the level that is recommended as the highest for sleeping, it can be derived that the noise level in the room could cause damage.


“WHO Night Noise Guidelines for Europe.” WHO/Europe, World Health Organization, 20 Dec. 2017, http://www.euro.who.int/en/health-topics/environment-and-health/noise/policy/who-night-noise-guidelines-for-europe.


How to be a Great Fanboy/Fangirl

Step 1: Find Your Fandom

The key to being a fanboy/fangirl is to find the right obsession. Maybe you already have one. But if you don’t, that’s okay too. It might take years to find a great movie/book/anime that you love. Ask your friends for recommendations. If you don’t find a fandom that you’re totally obsessed with but kind of like, that’s great. A casual fan is still a fan, even if they don’t totally love their fandom.

Step 2: Hit the Books

Most fanboys/fangirls know a lot about their fandom. To know your fandom well, try reading a lot about it. If your obsession is a book, try reading it and rereading it to find important details. If you love a movie/movie series, there are so many ways to find information. Star Wars, for example, has an extended universe (tons and tons of books written about a fandom). It also has several reference books by DK, and a whole lot of other facts on the internet by official sources. If you’re obsessed with a singer, actor(ess), or band, try reading biographies about that person/people. Note: the bigger the fandom, the bigger the facts.

Step 3: Let Your Imagination Soar

Expressing your creativity for your fandom is a great way to show your fandom pride. Here are some ways to let your imagination soar:

  1. Write a fanfiction. There is no better way to let your fandom pride shine than to write one. Even if you stink at writing, you can still make one. Try step 2 and study up, then create a plot that you love. You can even post your story online (be careful what you post though)!
  2. Try fanart. If you hate writing but love drawing, fanart can be a great way to express your creativity. Find something in your fandom that makes you laugh, cry, or tugs on your heartstrings and put it on paper. If you want to be a serious fanartist, try downloading some drawing software. It makes your art look professional, and you feel great about your work.
  3. Make a fan video. If you think it’s absolutely taboo to recast your characters, try animation. It combines fanart and fanfiction into a whole new level of fandom creativity. Warning: animation is extremely hard. It takes weeks and weeks to create a short animation, and a whole lot of effort is needed, too. If you’re worried about the time or skill it takes, try writing a fanfiction or drawing fanart.

Step 4: Fan Friendships

Want to find other people who love your fandom as much as you do? Bored and tired of associating with people who hate your obsession? There are so many ways to make fandom friends! Try going to a comic con or a convention about your fandom. Other fanboys and fangirls will be waiting to meet you! Most fanboys and fangirls have one big dream: to be friends their favorite character or celebrity. Book signings can be a great way to briefly meet your favorite author, and conventions sometimes have the actors and actresses of your favorite fandom movie. Sadly, many fanboys and fangirls go unnoticed by their favorite character/celebrities. At most conventions and books signings, you’ll only get to say a few words, like “hello” and “I’m so excited to meet you” before you get your book/merchandise signed and move on. Fortunately, this is usually enough for most fanboys and fangirls, and they often remember that for the rest of their lives. In some rare cases, fanboys and fangirls want more than a brief meeting, and resort to stalking. My advice to all fan people is to not stalk. It’s undignified, strange, and in some cases, dangerous. Instead, with hard work and perseverance you can be a friend to your favorite character/celebrity! It just takes time. Go to as many conventions as you can, along with other events that your favorite character/celebrity is at. Chances are, that person will say, “Hey, I remember you!” If you have social media, great. Follow that person on Twitter, Instagram, or any other social site you have. Some celebrities are known for sharing/retweeting posts of fanboys and fangirls just like you!

Step 5: Stay True to Your Fandom

Your Fandom is your personality! So stay true to it. If someone teases you about your fandom, just reply back with, “Geez, that’s rude! I don’t say anything about what you like!” If you don’t love your fandom anymore, don’t feel awful. It’s natural to outgrow some obsessions. And on the vice versa side of things, don’t feel like you’re not ordinary if you’ve not outgrown your fandom. You’ve found a fandom for life! Feel proud! Stay true, stay original, stay a fan!