Halloween Jokes and Riddles

By: Anita Y.

  1. How did the monsters win the football game?        They kicked a field ghoul.
  2. What did the monster eat for lunch?                       Chicken noodle souls.
  3. What did the zombie weather man say?                  It’s ghoul outside.
  4. Why didn’t the skeleton go to the scary movie?     He didn’t have the guts.
  5. Why are mummies so tense?                                   Because they’re all wound up.
  6. Why did the zombie have a headache?                    Because he was GOBLIN his candy.
  7. What is the scarecrows favorite fruit?                     STRAWberries.
  8. What do monsters use to clean their hair?               Sham-boo.
  9. Why do witches fly on brooms?                              Because vacuums are too heavy

Mistakes in Disney Movies

By: Natalie Attia

  • In Toy Story 1 When Andy leaves with Molly, he leaves her crib railing down. However, the crib railing is mysteriously pushed back up in the scene of Woody announcing “the coast is clear.”
  • In Toy Story 2 During the second half of the film, Al wears a green shirt. However, he is seen wearing his red shirt for the time of one shot while he is driving to the airport with the toys chasing him.
  • In Ratatouille right before Chef Skinner exits the kitchen in an attempt to stop the soup from being delivered, there’s no ladder to the right of the door. When Skinner enters the kitchen after exiting, a ladder appears next to the door.
  • In Monsters University, Mike and Sulley met in college. But at the beginning of Monsters, Inc., Mike told Sulley “You’ve been jealous of my good looks since the fourth grade pal.”
  • Before Flynn cuts off Rapunzel’s hair, there is a shot where he strokes her hair behind her ear and he doesn’t have a shackle on his arm. But in the next shot the shackle reappears. This is in Disney’s movie Tangled.