The Red Cup

By: Faith

The Starbucks cup. Every year, customers create a rampage to get a glimpse of the new holiday cup Starbucks releases every year. In 2014, 2013, and 2012, all the cups were beautifully decorated with holiday symbols, overjoying many customers happily sipping their drinks from the steaming, holiday-red cups. Ornaments, snowmen, sparkles, snowflakes — all intricately designed — adorned the precious cups that some people even collect. Finally, the long-awaited 2015 Starbucks holiday cup has been revealed… a plain red cup.

Sure, if you want to be exact, it’s a red gradient cup that smoothly transitions from a lighter holiday red to a deeper berry red. Supposedly, Starbucks went simplistic with their cups to accommodate the new trend of “simplisticy”. However, it seemed to offend some people instead. Social media exploded with rage and anger over the international company’s choice — here’s why.

In past years, the cups were all highly decorated with ostentatious patterns, but now, followers of Christianity think that the company is starting a “War on Christmas” by getting rid of the decorations and keeping the cup plain. After the cup was released, social media exploded with rage, or in some cases, approval of the simplistic design. Some brought this into political matters, while others took to Twitter and Facebook to rant their anger out instead. Most like other religious matters around the world, many people are taking this change as a personal offense, and making it seem way worse than it actually is, even though the cause is simply a little red cup.

In the end, a cup is a cup, and people will think what they want. If it’s taken personally, politically, or jokingly, we can’t forget about just being thankful for the holidays and definitely not the wonderful hot drinks everyone gets from the producer of this little nightmare. What’s for next year?